a factory original 70 Chevelle SS [LS6 454]

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  • Geo Clarke 5 years ago

    cause Novas were a bit lighter and Driver ability helps to .

  • Geo Clarke 5 years ago

    Boing That’s all I can say .. Beautiful machine .

  • Alan Hale 5 years ago

    The 1970 SS 454 LS6 Chevelle was one of best looking Muscle cars ever made but there were other cars that were great looking to i never got to own one yet maybe one day i will have one

  • Jeff Carstetter 5 years ago

    I had a stock ’71 340 Duster that would eat the stock 396’s for lunch. Couldn’t touch the 454’s. They were truly awesome.

    • Mikey P. Jeff Carstetter 5 years ago

      yea ok

  • Donald Lentz 5 years ago

    I can gurantee you it would….

  • Bill Sisneros 5 years ago

    was it a ls 5 or a ls 6.

  • Nick Marsh 5 years ago

    I’ve watched a stock 69 Nova 396 take a new 70 Chevelle 454. Was close.

  • Bill Sisneros 5 years ago

    is it ls6 if so no questions.

  • Julian Marcom 5 years ago

    Last of the muscle cars from GM………

  • Dennis Sippel 5 years ago

    And I got one love the feeling of power under my ass

  • Daniel Rowe 5 years ago

    Ya I have one 1969 dodge charger 440

  • Jeff Leichner 5 years ago

    A 1970 Buick GSX might just open a can a whoop-ass on that Chevelle-lol.

  • Stephen Luce 5 years ago

    What about an 1970 El Camino SS?

  • Marty Oakes 5 years ago

    That is my dream car rt there!!

  • Jim Joseph Farrell 5 years ago

    70 el camino 454.

  • Deborah Ferrell Harris 5 years ago

    one sweet baby!

  • Raymond L Andrews Jr 5 years ago


  • Travis Berg 5 years ago


  • Charlie William Giambalvo 5 years ago

    sweet car