Badass little 1969 Triumph GT6

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  • russtre 3 years ago

    Does anyone know about the tires and rims on this car? I have a 70 and I want this look. Thanks

  • Joe 5 years ago

    Is the mustard colored 1969 GT6 Mark2 above running well, and for sale?
    Call m3 315-567-1569

  • Andy Smith 7 years ago

    old sazda

  • Tom Boersma 7 years ago

    Triumph GT-6+

  • David McLean 7 years ago

    1969 Triumph GT6+, Straight Six with dual Stromberg Carburetors. Fun to drive and work on.

  • Gregory Wood 7 years ago

    Triumph GT6

  • Ed Chmielecki 7 years ago


  • Rick Meier 7 years ago

    It’s a Triumph Spitfire, not sure of the year.

  • Calvin C. Evans Jr. 7 years ago

    citrogen. like on the mentalist. he should get a newer car.

  • Paul Wark 7 years ago

    a piece of shit

  • Classic Nation 7 years ago

    Strange but cool looking car! What is it?