Beautiful 69 Plymouth Roadrunner Convertible with redlines

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  • Susan Talley 7 years ago

    I would love to have this car again! And the horn “me-meeps”? I didn’t care for the ones made after ’69. Mine was metallic blue with a vinyl hardtop and black hood. Loved that car!

  • Daniel Rowe 7 years ago

    Love to have one

  • Wesley Beckham 7 years ago

    more than likely 383 Ihad a 70 roadrunner.

  • Doug Stewart 7 years ago

    So nice .

  • Tommy Fitzherbert 7 years ago

    no work to it at all

  • Richard Cuda Spencer 7 years ago

    Sweet 69 ragtop!

  • Jerry Haislip 7 years ago


  • Jim Cole 7 years ago

    What powerplant is this beauty have inside?

  • Jerry Haislip 7 years ago

    This car is all original, I’ve owned it since new. Drive it once a week. Has 47,000 miles, matching numbers and original B5 paint.

  • Craig Strong 7 years ago

    That brings back some memories, mine was same color but with the hood blacked out. I miss that ride!

  • Cathy Dobbins 7 years ago

    Best car EVER made! Nothing compares!!!!

  • Daniel Patten 7 years ago

    plymouth for sure…..

  • Tony James 7 years ago

    …and red line tires!

  • William J. Abda 7 years ago

    yep 69 RR

  • Richard Bradley 7 years ago

    Best road runner ever 69. I wish I still had mine.

  • David Sansing 7 years ago

    ’69 RR

  • Terry Allen 7 years ago

    69 Roadrunner…

  • Classic Nation 7 years ago