The ultimate muscle car from Oldsmobile [1969 Olds 442]

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  • Gage Blanchflower 5 years ago

    I would take both

  • Pepper Roberts 5 years ago

    Yep Jim, but that L-88 builds so HP that by mid track I’ve got Ya and on the Big end it’s My tail lights Your looking at 🙂

  • Justin Will 5 years ago

    442 def with a 400 rocket v8 in it u cant beat it with a chevelle.

  • Mark Dade 5 years ago

    Power house!

  • Ted Prado 5 years ago

    I have, and like it. I’m more a fan of “Fast n Loud” on Discovery. Hell, I like all those car shows!

  • Gerald Galdo 5 years ago

    Have u watched Graveyard Carz on Velocity?

  • Brad Eric Roberts 5 years ago

    Hmmm! Gotta give the Olds my vote because it is different. My parents had a 69 4 door cutlass when I was a kid, and I loved it.

  • Tim Hallas 5 years ago

    442 all the way

  • Jim Withrow 5 years ago

    Big blocks always seemed lazy. Much rather have a stroked small block. Might snap our neck but take yo off the line every time.

  • Pepper Roberts 5 years ago

    I had a 69′ Chevelle SS 396 and I never cared for that low RPM toque r. The best one of the 69′ Muscle Car’s of that year was My 69′ Chevy Nova SS 396. I was eating up all the other’s but of course I had an l-88 427 in the Nova with some good parts……

  • Jim Withrow 5 years ago

    Cutlass ha a nice look, but the Chevelle had a more stable ride and tighter, more responsive steering.

  • Mike Garofolo 5 years ago


  • Ted Prado 5 years ago

    I’m a Chevy guy, but I’m picking the 442 only because I see more chevelles

  • Joe Mingoia 5 years ago

    Love the Ram Air below the bumper.

  • Priscilla Lugo 5 years ago

    Its not a 1970. Its a 1979 oldsmobile cutlass surpmere..

  • Michael Cosmo 5 years ago

    1 fine 69.

  • Joe Hostetler 5 years ago


  • Carole Wincek-Henrichs 5 years ago

    It’s a beauty alright! I LOVE Chevelles though.

  • Sue Herrmann 5 years ago

    I have a 1970 cutlass its my baby.

  • Sue Streckfuss Landy 5 years ago

    Im picking the Olds! But i’d like it better if it was convertible, like mine!

  • Jerry Fagan 5 years ago


  • David Bellamy 5 years ago

    This Is A Olds, Stilling!

  • John Wiley 5 years ago

    its nice but I have to pick the 69 chevelle because I had a 69 chevelle 2 dr hot rod when I was 17 what a fun happy time in life that was.

  • Sue Herrmann 5 years ago

    its a beauty.