the baddest Mustang on the planet! [69 Mustang Boss 429]

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  • gary macherzak 8 years ago

    I went skydiving at Tecumseh airport in 1973. Landed wrong, sprained ligaments in left ankle, and was on crutches for 6 weeks.

  • AL 8 years ago

    does not get any better than that !!!!

  • Kyle Boykin 8 years ago

    Baddest factory built Stang!

  • Pat Hanney Randy Balaz 9 years ago

    Must have before I die!

  • Gregory Poehner 9 years ago

    Ohh My I love this ride the best BOSS 429 69!

  • Kerry Loney 9 years ago

    One bad stang all I can say………

  • Billy Carby 9 years ago


  • Steve Thompson 9 years ago

    Bad to the Bone!

  • Gene Jurek 9 years ago

    My nipples are getting hard.

  • Steve Cress 9 years ago

    I’m in love.

  • Ronnie Hendriks 9 years ago

    Very nice!….

  • Jim Rosenbaum 9 years ago

    This is one bad ass car wish I owned one.

  • Steve Moody 9 years ago

    Like a thoroughbred racehorse. 🙂

  • Robert L. Phillips 9 years ago

    Bad Ass !!!

  • Dale Fisher 9 years ago

    Bad Boy Tecumseh High School, Tecumseh,Michigan.

  • Larry Schultz Sr. 9 years ago

    This one came from the Mustang God’s!This one is from the Mustang God’s!

  • Sammy Gallo 9 years ago

    That is-a bad one alright

  • Mark Westphal 9 years ago

    wuff that’s alotta mustang.

  • Allen Humpage 9 years ago

    wow! is all I got say about that.

  • John Gillikin 9 years ago

    Baddest of the bad.

  • Ken Moody 9 years ago

    I’ll take it!

  • Rich Christer 9 years ago


  • Matt Spencer 9 years ago