Someone made a good purchase. [1969 Ford Mustang]

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  • Tim Higgins 7 years ago

    sounds great! Can’t wait to see it all done. Did you find a garage?

  • David Gardner 7 years ago

    Going to paint her 2000 Ford Teal , have 351w- 400hp and 375 ft. torque , frame stiffeners and new Magnum 500 wheels with red lines. An original 428CJ hood. What do you think?

  • Nick Retter 7 years ago

    my favorite body style 69 wish I had cash.

  • Floyd Marsee Jr. 7 years ago

    Oh yeah! I want!

  • John Bagley 7 years ago

    looks like a 67 to me,i had a 68 once

  • David Gardner 7 years ago

    50 k original miles sat for 28 years. 351W and FMX.

  • Terry Graham 7 years ago

    Look! Its a trailor queen! LOL!

  • Regina Tesar 7 years ago

    you know that’s right! 69 all the way baby!

  • David Graham 7 years ago

    1969 Mustang Convertible.

  • David Olsavsky 7 years ago

    I’d drive it.