Are those 18″ wheels on this 68 Mustang?

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  • Dorein 5 years ago

    I have seen 20’s on a Stang and it looked good. There is no reason for it to be lifted unless the offset is all wrong. Needs more work, drop it 10 inches would look better.

    • Evan Dorein 5 years ago

      Looks good.

  • Mr 442 5 years ago

    Sorry, Two thumbs down, Im Old School.

  • Wayne Goodrich 7 years ago

    I like the cowl hood,but a little lower would have been nice.I also have 3 mustangs, a 66,92 and an 07. I’m thinking about buying a new one now.The wheels are the new thing,but I myself like a good ride. Don’t get me wrong,I do like low pro tires,but I’m too old for that rough ride. Also,looks like someone spent some time on the body work,looks good. All in all ,it’s a nice ride,but just not my cup of tea.

  • Beth Cecil Shumpert 7 years ago

    Thank You, Mr. Norburg! I was just trying to make a point that some of the comments were WAY out there! LOL I wasn’t real fond of it when he first said that’s what he was going to do. BUT it did win Best Mustang at a car show!

  • Duke Elliott Jr 7 years ago

    everyone has there own taste its alright if that’s what you want. but I would stay with 18s or smaller. to each his own.

  • Ian Norburg 7 years ago

    Excellent point… I’ll just say I prefer something more subtle… As long as it’s what your son wanted then that’s all that counts… My opinion doesn’t mean squat.

  • Ian Norburg 7 years ago

    2+2 is a fastback

  • Beth Cecil Shumpert 7 years ago

    it’s a 68

  • Don Huffman 7 years ago

    The wheels are ugly on this car Just like they are on any other car. Period

  • Chuck Messinger 7 years ago

    65 mustang 2 + 2 this looks stupid.

  • Mike Itzenhuiser 7 years ago

    Totally Ghetto.

  • Brett Dodds 7 years ago

    Where’s the curb finders

  • Beth Cecil Shumpert 7 years ago

    Just to to clarify some things: 1. this was my son’s car..he drove it DAILY! 2. It looks ALOT better in person! 3. I had the same opinion in the beginning about the wheels as most of you(I own 2 68 Mustangs, 1 w/ SST’s & 1 w/ Keystone Classics), I told him he was going to ruin the car, BUT it did grow on me. It’s the angle of the pic(I took it) that makes it look so high up. 4. Everybody has an opinion, but to the ones that commented the the “gang banger” “crack head”, etc. comments, obviously you didn’t listen when your Mothers said, “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say something at all”! and a Reverend was one of these? Really? You make your car the way YOU want it, not the way everybody else THINKS it should be!

  • Tim Robertson 7 years ago

    wheels suck! Cowl Hood? maybe in a lower profile, Just looks ghetto the way it sits.

  • Mark Turner 7 years ago

    I think they got those wheels off from a stagecoach from the old west! LOL. Way too big!

  • Gary Earl 7 years ago

    Take that goofy hood off it, put some wheels that match the car and BINGO! Epic FAIL!

  • Ronnie Larsen 7 years ago

    Might as well have put a 4×4 chassi under it. Wasted a good Stang.

  • Tyler Topper 7 years ago

    Beautiful car!

  • Thomas Choate 7 years ago

    rims right? a mistake?

  • Thomas Choate 7 years ago

    a mistake?

  • Thomas Choate 7 years ago

    a mistake?

  • Delyna Alleman 7 years ago

    the hood yes… the rims uhh not on this car an its to high up needs to be lower sorry my oppion this car doesn’t look good!

  • Benjamin Amos 7 years ago

    Nope. I could MAYBE deal with the hood and more classic rims. Or… the rims with out the hood. Together I don’t like.

  • Martha Holland 7 years ago

    65 Mustang…..

  • Radames Cortes 7 years ago

    WHAT….THA…..FUCK….IT’S THAT….that’s not a truck mannnnn…..

  • Jason Williams 7 years ago

    love your whip.

  • Thomas Choate 7 years ago

    a mistake.

  • Delyna Alleman 7 years ago

    wth! really classics are meant to look bad ass not like this!

  • Ronnie Hendriks 7 years ago

    No…..something just aint right

  • Carlos Montes 7 years ago

    Modificado se ve bien pero no hay nada como es gustos de la persona