1967 Pontiac GTO out for a drive (in the rain)

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  • Dave Dunlap 5 years ago

    nice but the 65 would smoke it.

  • Kenneth Cantwell 5 years ago

    I think it’s perfect….i might be a little partial though as you can tell by my profile picture of my original owner all original 67! Thanks dad for buying the hottest car out in 67!

  • Daniel Rivers 5 years ago

    I owned a ’65 Olds 442 with the 400cid and 2spd “Jet-away Tranny. tried to trade it for a ’68 GTO 400 4spd and wound up with a ’68 Firebird “Sprint” OHC 6cyl with a 4bbl Rochester carb. The Sprint was a hoot to drive. I beat a few Chevy 350 Nova’s and Malibu’s with it.

  • Al Sprehe 5 years ago

    Closest I could get to this is a 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88… I had a 425 Super Rocket in it. It took a while ot get moving, but holy katz the top end was amazing!

  • Ronald W. Rose Sr. 5 years ago

    My wife and I had one in 1968, we had the white interior also but ours had no vinyl top all red, ours had 4 on the floor, I think it had a 400 motor, my brother had a 65 with a 389 motor, we got into some trouble with these cars, but man it was fun…

  • Tom Fullam 5 years ago

    I had one and wish I had her again, It was a mistake to lose her.

  • Thomas McDonough 5 years ago

    Wicked Awesome…..I’m from Massachusetts.

  • Larry Morgan Sr. 5 years ago

    pretty car but my fav is 1965.

  • Bobby Stofko 5 years ago


  • Carlos A. Marquez 5 years ago

    Love those goats.