This would look great in any color [1967 Pontiac Firebird]

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  • Paul Nystul 8 years ago

    the car would be worth more if you kept it all chevy parts you know

  • Brad Thompson 8 years ago

    Okay dude… 1967 is the ONLY year that the ‘Bird or Camaro had wing windows. It’s a ’67.

  • Larry Copeland 8 years ago

    Looks like a ‘bird. Paint it fire engine red.

  • Greg Malachalian 8 years ago

    Its a 67 firebird automatic black interior the owner don’t want to sell it….

  • Bruce Kestner 8 years ago


  • Sharon Christian 8 years ago

    I would paint it ‘deep eggplant’ that is if it was a Chevy! but it’s not!

  • Sandra Madigan 8 years ago

    I would dip it in crome!

  • Marc Sprang 8 years ago

    If one cannot tell the difference between a camaro and a firebird, color is a moot point.

  • Roger Aguiar 8 years ago

    67′ only year with vent windows,,, bird or camaro.

  • Lee Toal 8 years ago

    I would paint the 67 firebird a nice dark metal flake purple awesome color.

  • Donald Richard Bruce Jr. 8 years ago

    dark blue

  • David Monson 8 years ago

    neon purple, a speak to you in the dark color…………

  • Dave Igneri 8 years ago

    Not a 69 Camaro. That is a 68 Firebird LOOK AT THE FRONT CHROME NOSE.

  • Richard Peek 8 years ago

    Come on its a67 firebird, really? black and sell those junk wheels.

  • Victor Del Rio 8 years ago

    Electric violet purple.

  • Harold Phillips 8 years ago

    I remember a 68 Firebird a friend had in high school, it was dark turquoise with chrome Cragar S/S rims, it was gorgeous!

  • Billy Randolph 8 years ago

    1978 camaro paint color.. Ultra Marine Blue Metallic..

  • William Irizarry 8 years ago

    is not a Camaro its a firebird.

  • William Irizarry 8 years ago

    paint it factory colors.

  • Ted Grubb 8 years ago

    yep not a camaro at all nor is it a 69 its a 67 fire chicken….

  • SamBecky Mowery 8 years ago

    69 Camaro with vent windows and firebird grill?

  • Samuel Sasson 8 years ago


  • Melissa Dickinson 8 years ago

    Midnight Black!

  • John Butz 8 years ago

    It looks like iy was blue, go with the original color.

  • Rodney Fultz 8 years ago

    I want it.

  • Greg Everding 8 years ago

    camero? it has a bird front end.

  • Anthony Spriggs 8 years ago

    its not a 69 and its not a camaro, its a 67 firebird, id probably go with black.

  • Scott Lambert 8 years ago

    Chevy Bright Blue..