Sharp color on this beautiful Fastback Pony [1967 Ford Mustang]

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  • Pacific Coast Highway 9 years ago

    That’s a boss color! Now those are turn signals!

  • Morgan Winter 9 years ago

    Joe, I agree with you that it’s not a Shelby. Lack of an emblem on the decklid and missing fuel filler cap were a couple of my clues, not to mention the unavailable purple paint. What else jumped out at you? Trying to school myself.

  • Perry R. Obray 9 years ago

    Carrol Shelby opened a Ford retail outlet in the city of South Lake Tahoe. Still a few lookers that show up in public every now and then. Unfortunately, can’t remember the last time I saw a real AC/Shelby thing.

  • Jim Barbee 9 years ago

    This is NOT A ’67 Shelby! I own an all original GT500 and there are some glaring ‘tells’ other than the paint and wheels. ’67’s were either solid colored all over except for the rocker panel stripe with the number designation or they had racing stripes which came all the way down to and including the roll-pan. Only ’68 and later made the tail-light section look like an after market part. This is largely because in the summer of ’67 Shelby told Ford to kiss his ass and he quit. Ford took over production, the quality suffered and the ‘Shelby’ option eventually died shortly after becoming (Remember it was the ’70’s) “a girl’s car”. That being said, this is a really pretty car and I’d be proud to drive it.

  • Gail A Villa 9 years ago

    omg I want this.

  • Elihu Goodell 9 years ago

    It’s Just Perfect!

  • Joe Walters 9 years ago

    Beautiful car… but not a Shelby 🙂

  • Rome Santos 9 years ago

    One of my favorite mustangs!

  • Robert Remy 9 years ago

    Hells to the Yeahs!!! Fn Sweet

  • Thomas McDonough 9 years ago

    Not usually a fan of purple Mustangs but this is Gorgeous!

  • Jim Joseph Farrell 9 years ago

    Beautiful and sequential signal lights too, I think.

  • Anthony Cutrell 9 years ago

    Great job!

  • Shelby Samples 9 years ago

    damn :p

  • Wesley Beckham 9 years ago

    wes says yes to the purple.

  • Cody-cookie Monster-harvey 9 years ago

    this is my dream car and always has been since I seen it on gone in 60 seconds.

  • Edna Faye Melton 9 years ago

    likes this

  • Jeff Hemenway 9 years ago

    Awesome stang even though its purple!

  • Rebecca Plouffe 9 years ago


  • Jim Stolz 9 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL…………same color as my dually Dodge and my Peterbilt………

  • Patricia Rogers Shelton 9 years ago


  • Ladonna Boyd 9 years ago

    love love love it!

  • Helder Silva 9 years ago

    queria msm um destes.

  • Mike Hammer 9 years ago

    Mikey likey!