the sporty 1967 Austin Healey 3000 convertible

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  • Henry van Reenen 6 years ago

    You’re right, Willie – it was the next thing to inner peace – driving that vehicle could be compared to having arrived at the Gates of Heaven! Mine had that incomparable electric overdrive on 4th gear – so sweet when overtaking some fool that thought that he had the only right to the road … powerful memories, believe me!

  • Timothy Robert Smith 6 years ago

    My uncle’s first car was a 3000 Mk 2 similar to this one (although I think this 1 is a Mk 3)

  • Debbie Nalley Eidson 6 years ago


  • Henry van Reenen 6 years ago

    I actually owned one of these superlative vehicles for a short wihle, way back when men were men, and women were double breasted – a lovely car to drive, as I recall… loved it….

  • Rev. Pete Monk Smith 6 years ago

    Simply beautiful!