I’m a muscle car fan, but I got love for this classic too! [1966 Toyota Corona]

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  • Timothy Robert Smith 9 years ago

    Junk! I’d take the (what looks like a) Studebaker Lark convertible behind it first!

  • Tom Andersen 9 years ago

    And I sure didnt try to fix it!

  • Tom Andersen 9 years ago

    Was not junk.

  • Mark Lukas 9 years ago


  • Jim Higgins 9 years ago

    Well, for 50 bucks I guess fixing the choke was out—–

  • Mia Enirehtac 9 years ago

    Use Corvair’s what? Their parts?

  • Nick Ciasullo 9 years ago

    If this car was so good, why did they use Corvair’s in the Ultraman series? Thought so.

  • Robert A. Harris Sr. 9 years ago


  • Anthony Ramirez 9 years ago

    The Japanese seemed to have trouble mastering the concept of a variable choke. Too much history with motorcyles, I guess.

  • Tom Andersen 9 years ago

    I had one of these!GREAT CARI had a 1969 Corona 1900 2 spd auto.I bought it for $50 and drove it for 3 years commuting to school and work.Had to paddle the accelerator pedal like crazy til she warmed up.Loaned it to a friend an he trashed it one night….Still pissed at him for that.It had dents on every part of the car except the roof and trunk lid…..Miss you ‘Juan’.

  • Rickie Thompson 9 years ago


  • Anonymous 9 years ago


  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    My ride and Iove her!!!