1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

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  • Kim 1 month ago

    We had one just like this with the fender skirts. Loved it.

  • Classic Nation 8 years ago

    What color was it?

  • ron 8 years ago

    father had a 67 fury

  • Loretta Anderson 8 years ago


  • Lance Weber 8 years ago

    Its a 66 sport furry. I had a 66 Fury III convertible and a 66 fury III 2 dr hard top also at the same time….. 🙂

  • Patrick A Lubash 8 years ago

    when cars were cars and not go carts!

  • Mike Jurgensen 8 years ago

    It’s a 1966 Sport Fury… I owned a 1965 Fury III.

  • Steven Inman 8 years ago

    More than I got..lol Prob 30k or better

  • Rev. Pete Monk Smith 8 years ago

    David Teeling III- It’s nut butt ugly enough to be a Chevelle.

  • Brad Norvell 8 years ago

    what’s it going 4.

  • David Maddox 8 years ago

    1966 Plymouth fury.

  • Wayne Pipkins 8 years ago

    I have a 67 front clip I would sell for about 500 it may be a 66 I would have to look.

  • Richard Bennett 8 years ago

    the p is missing in compete as is the s inalways.

  • Richard Bennett 8 years ago

    Ialway liked furys they were fast too in the 60s but stock ones needed the 4bbl carbs to comete and this one is perfectly complimented with the Cragar ss mag wheels super looking car but I still think Mustangs ruled the 60s and the Chevelles&vettes.

  • Jerry Hubble 8 years ago

    I definitely is a 66 Plymouth Sport Fury. I had 1 the same color and a Green 66 Fury also.

  • Richard Gullekson 8 years ago

    I had a black 65 Sport Fury with a 383 magnum, changed it out for a 440 magnum. Had the Chrome 5 spokes on all 4.

  • Wesley Beckham 8 years ago

    my first car except 66 fury III and dark green.

  • Timothy Robert Smith 8 years ago


  • Kent A. Lang 8 years ago

    I thought about buying one of these last fall for $5k. Would have been a bargain. It was nice!

  • Michael R Bianca 8 years ago

    1966 sports fury the 65 had the red white and blue on the front fenders between the doors and wheel well. grill was different. Only had side stripe on top , didn’t wrap around on fenders and lower door panels. Had a 65 wish I still had it.

  • John Hardy 8 years ago

    This car is nice.

  • Ted Wallace 8 years ago

    1966 plymouth sport fury 383

  • James E Delaney 8 years ago

    IS IT A 318 OR 383? DEFINITLEY NOT A 68, MAY BE A 66, BUT MY GUT SAYS 67.This would make a great resto mod-disc brakes , rack&pinion, maybe a new hemi.

  • Don Panfil 8 years ago

    67 sport fury.

  • Robert Sims 8 years ago

    1965 plymoth sport fury

  • Ed Goin 8 years ago

    1966 Plymoth Sport Fury. My wife owned one when we got married in 1973.

  • Michael Tinsley Jr. 8 years ago

    62 nova

  • Litenn Gilmore 8 years ago

    I believe your right brian either 67 or 68 sport fury. I was thinking fury sport haha.

  • John Whitty 8 years ago

    66 sport fury

  • Phillip Box 8 years ago

    1968 Dodge Charger R/T.

  • Carl Bernard 8 years ago

    1966 plymouth sport fury 2 door hardtop

  • Brian Fulton 8 years ago

    67 plymouth sport fury

  • Brian Fulton 8 years ago

    65 plymouth sport fury.

  • David Teeling III 8 years ago


  • Classic Nation 8 years ago

    What is this car?