I’m pretty sure this car didn’t come with a 472 [1966 Dodge Charger]

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  • Jeffery Glass 5 years ago

    I didn’t have the 66 Dodge charger, but I did have a 67 Dodge Charger….. I loved it … It was my baby…..It took me anywhere I ever wanted to go… Drove it all across the country…. Seen days when it was my home slept in it ate in it ….. Some great memories are with that car…. Hated to, but sold it for a more family car…… Lost my true love and the car of my dreams about the same time…. Lost both my best friends at the same time…-..

  • Sid Wair 5 years ago

    Innovative body style, Who would have known Chrysler would have the futuristic styles, Awesome cars. I had a 70 GTX, wish I still had it!!

  • philip R. 5 years ago

    The Charger’s roof line is much more purposeful looking & angular especially in the area of rear 3/4 windows.

    marlin was an outgrowth of American Motors show car Tarpon & Marlin was based on Rambler American economy car Charger was based on Dodge Coronet & could be had with engines from 318- 426 Hemi!! ’66 Charger is a true American muscle car. Marlin a curiosity of a failing company.

  • Richard Krasner 5 years ago

    it is a 66 charger yes it has the turn signals on the fenders I like the look better that’s why I put them oni also thought about the rally wheels but with a 2 inch drop these wheels just fit so much better besides its not stock at all.

  • Jacob Mobley 5 years ago

    69 is the best

  • Don Richardson 5 years ago

    Chargers didn’t come out until 1966…..

  • Bill Holland 5 years ago

    my first car was a 66 charger but I really like the 68’s.

  • Chuck Urgolites 5 years ago

    1967 Dodge Charger, would really look great with factory sport wheels. Those centerlines cheapen the looks of a beautiful vintage Mopar.

  • Paul R Griffith 5 years ago

    I was working at a Dodge dealership during the 66 and 67 years

  • Danny Hernandez 5 years ago


  • Jeffrey Thode 5 years ago

    ahh i was thinking that year too but wasn’t sure. cause it seems like a lot of what they post is a 67 year

  • Bobby Flor 5 years ago

    doge charger

  • Paul R Griffith 5 years ago

    1967 because it has the turn signal monitors on the front fenders.

  • Danny Hernandez 5 years ago

    I like the electric headlight covers.

  • Jeffrey Thode 5 years ago

    I dont thing it would be a 65 back then the body style was a little more boxy on the roof.. I thinking its more of a 68 to 71 model.

    • philip R. Jeffrey Thode 5 years ago

      It’s a ’66. Maybe ’67. Only 2 years with this body ’68 was totally different.

    • philip R. Jeffrey Thode 5 years ago

      Charger ’66 first year.

  • Corbin C Carlton 5 years ago

    This fastback roof line resembles a Rambler Marlin’s roofline.

  • Lee Graves 5 years ago