66 Chevelle Wagon w/ 396 Turbo-Jet!

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  • Keith Douglas 8 years ago

    Sweeeeeeet! Love Wagons we just added 79 malibu wagon to the family!

  • Jim Youno 8 years ago

    That’ a 396 Turbo-Jet badge.

  • Steven Horton 8 years ago

    nice ride but a 67 ford country squire with a 390 ci is my fave.

  • William Ezell 8 years ago

    bucket seats and muncie 4-speed with 396 would be real nice.

  • Jason C Hopper 8 years ago

    Nice car. When I was a kid, my dad had a 68 Buick Sportwagon. Pretty cool car.

  • John Hansen 8 years ago


  • Renita Shelene Mayfield 8 years ago


  • Terry Pease 8 years ago

    Love it

  • Bobby Jones 8 years ago

    like that ride very nice indeed.

  • Louise Artimovich 8 years ago

    That’s because that is the BEST year ever!!

  • Dan Whitman 8 years ago

    love this

  • Jake Michalski 8 years ago

    I would drive that. Though a 57 nomad would be much cooler.