Black 1966 Chevorlet Chevelle SS. Definitely Bad.

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  • Al Heinzeroth 9 years ago

    My very first car, 1972 was a 1966 396/375 HP. I struck gold as she was sitting on a used dealership lot, my grandmother had sent me a flat $1500.00 for a car. My buddy was w/me, had a 1967 327 bored and built to it’s limit, he saw her first and told me to pull in. Now I’d sold and dd until Disabled all my life, we got tot the car before a salesman could reach us. She had a legitimate 14,670 miles on her and factory mint. He had been asking just 2K? We took her for a test run, which was pretty brutal (another side-note, I’d never operated a clutch and H-pattern before, so My buddy drove her home, but I’m getting far ahead of myself) We haggled and haggled, and finally I left, no sale! We went back kin about two hours after sitting across the street in a bar and watching 3 other’s come and go. We returned, and I said, “I’ve got exactly $1500.00, so if you cab get me tax/license and off the lot for $1500.00 you’ve moved a car off the lot, if not, she sits in inventory, no sale?” He hemmed and hawed for few minutes and said, “It’s no decent deal for me, but she’s all yours!” It had, I was to later find, a non factory color, rather a custom Corvette irridescant metallic blue. Never saw another as pretty, but I began to make money and poured it l into the care, as well as becoming police. Ohhh, I’d learned that H-pattern and then some, first two things done were the second Hurst short throw super-shifter purchased in Az. as well as a synchroless Muncie crash-box tranny! She was everything but blown, no-blower ever, and she was trophied in a number of the older Hot-rod classes, as a single deuce (Old Holley Braswells, I was later to learn of their rarity). I had two as well as two Carter AFB 650’s! Fully done, no dyno’s in Phoenix back then so trailered to Orange County, (She was expensive as Hell to drive, had a passion for Aviation gas and a couple quarts of Ever-Clear per beer keg mounted in the trunk, 2-3 mpg? A fool? Perhaps, but she dyno’d at just over 950 ponies to the ground! W/a medium rise cross-ram as well as single high-rise, for all the classes. Now comes the ‘stupid’, I had to get rid of her (that original $1500.00 to my little brother. He had one of those orange and white convertible 1969 Judge’s to wed my first wife, and replaced her with a 1974 Vega hatch, he sold it for a 1970 454 Elkie which was painted to match but for white-striping on the old cowl-induction hood. I had just about 20 mos. of raising Hell, got the wife, and the Vega, which lasted a mere year! Still can’t figure if I won or lost! Oh. I’ll add that every single logo and flags were removed, filled w/liquid steel, and sanded and spot painted to match, including those aluminum running boards, the chromed ladder bars looked better that way!

  • Dale Bord 9 years ago

    I lke 1966.

  • Daniel Waldschmidt 9 years ago

    My first car, a 1966 138 Chevelle SS427 dealer installed L88, headers, and 3 deuces.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Randy’s 66′ Chevelle SS. Just finished a two year frame off restoration. Put a Hotchkis touring suspension under her. Just shipped it to Seattle from Alaska Getting ready to drive to her new home in AZ via the coast and route 66.