AR TT2s? Nice. [1965 Pontiac GTO Black]

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  • Charles Killingsworth 5 years ago

    My ’65 was midnight metalic blue with a white convertable top. 389, 3 x 2’s, big cam, headers, 4 speed, and positrac. Quick! Of all my cars, it will always be my favorite.

  • Harkey Christopher 5 years ago

    I like the dice… 6 & 5, 6.5 clever.

  • Richard Lutz 5 years ago

    I meant don’t you wish yours looked that good. sorry for the boo-boo’s

  • Stan Reszke 5 years ago

    My first car in 1972

  • Richard Lutz 5 years ago

    Don’t you wish youra looked thay

  • James Mullis 5 years ago

    Beautiful car!!!

  • Lucille Marable-Clayton 5 years ago

    Are you trying to mail me the GTO, because I do believe it meet the USPS weight requirement. I’m just saying since it is in front of the mailbox. Thanks anyway

  • Rick Lutz 5 years ago

    sure wished mine looked this good.

  • Lucille Marable-Clayton 5 years ago

    Smoking Hot

  • Evan Davidson 5 years ago

    drove a ’65 389 365 back in 69 4speed 456 posi rear what a ride wow.

  • Terry Knighton 5 years ago

    had a metallic silver one with cragars 400 balanced and blueprinted.

  • Wesley Beckham 5 years ago

    absolutely beautiful

  • Kenneth A Cooper 5 years ago

    My dream car has always been the 66 GTO.

  • Byron Miller 5 years ago

    The 65 was/is my favorite GTO, 389 w tri-power and a 4 spd.

  • Steve Baranick 5 years ago

    I had a red 65 hard top like yours nice cars man,,,

  • Jack Hasty 5 years ago

    I love the 66 GTO.

  • John Lolos 5 years ago


  • Dave Kilroy 5 years ago