The rocker panels look excellent on this 1965 Pontiac GTO

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  • Dennis Campbell 5 years ago

    66 GTO

  • Larry Copeland 5 years ago

    65 GTO

  • Gary Coffin 5 years ago

    This is without a doubt a ’65 GOAT! Not my favorite color or choice of wheels and the front bumper is tweeked, not bad. Mine was green/blue that I bought on my return from Nam in ’64.

  • Casey Birdsall 5 years ago

    65′ Monarch Yellow I believe.

  • Stephen Witchey 5 years ago

    I think it is a ’65.

  • Stephen Witchey 5 years ago

    Yeah, This one might be a ’67. front grill looks like it, would have to see tail lights to confirm. either way I still like the gto from that decade.

  • Tami Roush 5 years ago

    65? Sweet! <3

  • Bob Taylor 5 years ago

    65 gto