a tribute 1965 Mustang [Shelby GT350 clone?]

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  • John Calia 8 years ago

    So, they offered it to you for $500 more than they sold it for! Tough parents. My Dad would have done the same thing. :))

  • Frank Miller 8 years ago

    Very nice! Back in the late 70’s early 80’s my folks had a 1966 Mustang Convertible. It was a dealer model, so it had everything on it: 289 V-8 with dual exhausts, four barrel carb, fog lights, pony interior, upgrades (wood trim) on steering wheel, center console, door panels, instrumentation , 8-track tape deck, etc. It too was bright red with a black top and interior. My folks offered to sell it to me for $5000, but I was building a house and getting married in 1983, so I asked them to wait until we got back on our feet. My mother (bless her heart) sold it to some guy who noticed it in a parking lot for $4500. Thanks mom and dad. It was worth far more back then. Today, well you know what yours is worth. I still have my first brand new car, my 1975 280 Z. It is also in mint condition but original except for paint. Gotta love these old girls….

  • Larry Copeland 8 years ago

    Nice car!

  • John Calia 8 years ago

    That’s my girl!

  • Richie Parks 8 years ago


  • Alan Rollins 8 years ago

    Take the stripes off and it would look like another on e I owned way back when.

  • Sam Golden 8 years ago

    Finer than Frog Hair this is.

  • Marvin Abbott 8 years ago

    my kind of car..