a sharp 65 Chevelle. Is that an SS grille? Or just a factory option?

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  • Jack Gould 5 years ago

    Rebuilding one right now. Dig those old school wheels.

  • Stephanie Marie Roberts 5 years ago

    damn sweet candy apple red!

  • Cindy Linstead 5 years ago

    my first car was a 65 malibu ss 327 small block. paid $600.00 for it in 1975. the owner of the lot didn’t have any idea what he had. used to run into him occationally and he said he kicked himself over and over for selling it so cheap.

  • Michael Alan Boysen 5 years ago


  • Keith Burgess 5 years ago

    I can Dig that…

  • George Clarke 5 years ago

    had a black one with blue interior love the craigers on it.

  • Tonylee Manglona 5 years ago