Call Snoop. It’s his favorite; 1964 Chevrolet Impala

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  • John Cavanaugh 5 years ago

    It’s a 1964 Impala SS. The difference is the chrome strip. The Impala had a narrow chrome strip that wrapped around the bodyline. My first car was a 1964 Impala SS. I have also had two other 64 Impalas and a 64 Biscayne.

  • Dez Moore 5 years ago

    Beautiful clasics shoyld stay orignal no hydraulics no neon under glow just her.

  • Jim Merz 5 years ago


  • Joe Pescione 5 years ago

    I had a white convertible loved that car 283 cu. in.

  • John Cozzi 5 years ago

    Some brilliant styling points in these years. The crease across the top giving an almost ‘soft top’ feel is just so right. And this example is set exactly right. We had two a ’64 sedan and a ’64 wagon. My father really loved the sedan but the whole family loved our wagon.

  • Roy Luevano 5 years ago

    I came here for the spelling leson…

  • Ron Stockley 5 years ago

    I’ll take a 59 anyday.

  • Tony Berrios 5 years ago

    Beautiful ’64 ,unfortunately I would cut it, with 10 switches and 13 inch wheels. …oh yeah!

  • Tom Bergen 5 years ago

    Now that’s what I call a sharp Impala. I had several ’64’s and loved the styling.

  • Bobby Davis 5 years ago


  • Carl Kiel 5 years ago


  • Harry Simmons 5 years ago

    i put a lot of tail lights in them in g.m. oshawa in the 60,s

  • Gus Galvis 5 years ago

    My brother-in-law had a ’68’ back in 1973 it didn’t look much different from this one, thanks for keeping it original.

  • Beckey Curtner 5 years ago

    Love it.

  • Raymond McMann 5 years ago

    Kathy had a 64 & I had a 65.

  • Michael Casel 5 years ago


  • Robert W Moore 5 years ago

    This is when chevy ‘s had style.

  • Calvin Lackey 5 years ago


  • Josh Wilson 5 years ago

    I’m a die hard FORD fan but I have always been a fan of the ’64 Impalas and I must say she sure is pretty, thanks for not screwing her up with hydrolics.

  • David P. Turnbole 5 years ago

    I had two 65’s. One an Impala SS that I stuffed a 427 into and a wagon with a 327. Fun cars both.

  • Wesley Beckham 5 years ago

    that’s the way it should look, nice setup.

  • John S Chapin 5 years ago

    didn’t you have a Impala in the old days?

  • David P. Turnbole 5 years ago

    Not my favorite year Chevy but very nice.

  • Raymond McMann 5 years ago


  • Jae Spicer Jr. 5 years ago

    Nothing beats a chevy!

  • Rick Bassett 5 years ago

    love this car. she is just lovely.

  • Mark Delisle 5 years ago

    beautiful car