1963 Ford Galaxie w/ 445 stroker 508hp

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  • Mike 5 years ago

    1963 Ford Fairlane

  • Brian Shanabrough 5 years ago

    My Uncle had a ’63 406 w/ 3×2 4 spd..The car was INSANE fast…one badass blue oval.

  • Gus Talley 5 years ago

    Duh, look at the badge on the fender.

  • Rick Dahmer 5 years ago

    Hi Bob, Love it! You did a great job! Is it a real 427 car? Or did
    you restore it as such? Very nice job ether way! Only thing that
    would Or, That I would have done is put the close ratio Top-Loader 4
    speed in her! That would have made it Just that much better! Thats
    just my opinion, But ALL Old and newer Mussel cars Must have a 4
    Speeds or 5 or 6 speeds! As long as its a real gear banger and not
    the pussy Automatic! Hell, My wife would not even drive this with an
    Auto in it! Sorry! (o; But it is a very Nice car! I had a 61 Galaxy
    and a 64 and a 1/2 Galaxy convertible! Wish I still had them both!
    Fact, I am in the market to buy some of them cars here later this
    year! I Still have my 66 Mustangs Fastback 4 speed, and 68 Cougar
    that was my X Wifes and has a Blower on it now! and is getting a 6
    Speed put in it next! my 70 Maverick we built out of a crashed 1969
    Boss 302! 4-Speed! My 70 Torino GT 351 was built fast for the 2000
    Power Tour! Its got a Slush-a-matic! It was my Mom’s Car (God Bless
    her! The original little old lady from Pasadena! She would blow you
    in the dirt!, Off a stop light at the drop of a Hat! LOL! She
    loved that car and drove it till the day she passed.) Bought it for
    her in 1972! But its getting a 5 speed this time around! (o: I got
    most of my cars when they where new or a year or two later! I worked
    at Ford for a number of years! and I have the Ford Bible that tells
    every make model and what options came available on them and the Part
    Numbers for every ford built from 1957 through 1974! has every stage
    of Ford Engine from a stock 2 V 225 HP 289 to the 271 HP version in
    the GT, To the 308 HP Version that came in the 66 GT-350 Shelby’s!
    With all the specks and part numbers! (I had one of them and I sold
    it in 77 because of my now X wife! I know who’s got it! And I’m
    trying to buy it back for 3 times the money of course! LOL! If I
    would have it to do over again I would have kept the car and got rid
    of her then! Hark the Raven! Never More!) From the 390s to every
    version of 406 -427 side oiler, Low riser through high riser through
    Tunnel port! And all the 427 Camers! And all the options including
    the setup for the GT-40! The real one! Not that plastic wanna be GT!
    I built and sold a lot of em! and now I’m going to start buying and
    keeping! Least until I can’t push in the clutch! and turn the manual
    steering! Any more! I live in Phoenix, AZ and None of my Hot Rods
    have AC and Never will! These cars where not Made to be comfortable!
    They where made to be ruff riding, Gear banging, Tire squealing, Bad
    Ass Fast! And Beat your opponent! And that’s the way All mine are and
    will be for the rest of my life! Then some marshmallow light foot can
    pussy wip all of em cause I won’t care! LOL! (o; I even have a 1968
    Chevy Camero Z-28 302 4 Speed all numbers match! Hay, I love all
    Mussel Cars and it makes it nice to know your opponents limitations!
    LOL! Very Nice car! Thanks for shearing! Don’t mind my 4 Speed
    comments! Its just the way I grew up! And the way I was taught! By
    some old NASCAR! Gear heads! LOL! Its all Good! Take Care! But!
    Always Have Fun! (o;

    • mark thurlow Rick Dahmer 5 years ago

      man i couldent have said it better myself 72 nova 496cid .muncie 4 speed, 411 posi , long live the big block 4speed with the harley in the kitchen thats how i roll

  • Jim Marshall 5 years ago

    I had a XL convertible 20 years ago and these are my favorite Fords. Nice job.

  • Ronnie Roberts 5 years ago

    This is a very beautiful car, I wish it was mine

  • John Brookbank 5 years ago

    64 1/2 406 TRI POWER GALAXIE 500 ???

  • Bruzzi 5 years ago

    63 Galaxie 500

  • Debbie Nalley Eidson 5 years ago

    Sweet !!

  • Francis Steele 5 years ago

    1963 Galaxie 500

  • Jim Bullock 5 years ago

    Nice ’63 1/2 – nice stance with the Cragers looks like it just pulled into the Drive-in in ’69! The bubble scoop gives it the 427 lightweight flavor! You have every right to be proud of this sweet baby!

  • Mike Carlson 5 years ago


  • Daniel Cheek 5 years ago

    Very well done! Looks fantastic. I’d be proud to own ‘er.

  • Steven Spenner 5 years ago


  • Bob Myers 5 years ago

    This is my car it has a 445 stroker 508hp. C6 built by TCI. A 9″ 31 spline with richmond390 gears I did all the work my self ecept the tranny took me 5 yrs. Of frame off. I love this car

    • Tom Souders Bob Myers 5 years ago

      I have one with a 429 PI ,c6,classic auto air, cragers, Candy red with white leather,tilt, cruise,am/fm cd,rack and pinion ,disc brakes,would you e-mail me and tell me how you cool it , with what radiator, etc. Mine runs fine until you turn the air on and get in a little traffic then it just climbs up past 220.I am at my wits end,

  • Pete Williamson 5 years ago

    My blue one had a 352. My friend had the exact same one with Cragar supersports and the same color as this one with a 427 lowriser in it.

  • Arthur Carter 5 years ago

    1963 & 1/2 Galaxy 500. 390 w/4 speed

  • Michael West 5 years ago

    In those days, the “stock cars” were required to be available at a dealer, so you could actually order one just like the one that won yesterday at Darlington/Daytona or where-ever. If you wanted the 3/4-lift, you had to get that your own self…

  • Shannon Hanner 5 years ago

    I had a white 63 500XL with a 390 in it. wish I still had it!

  • Michael West 5 years ago

    63 Ford Galaxie 500. NASCAR motor under that bubble-hood. Cragar SS’s.

  • Norm Mickey 5 years ago

    very nice.

  • Steve Montroy 5 years ago

    I like!