all original 1963 Ford F100

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  • mason jar 9 years ago

    its either a 61 or 62, ford only made the unibody for those two years…

  • Randy Houston 9 years ago

    Does it have the Straight 6.I had a 1963 Ford Truck with a Straight 6, easy to work on.

  • Chad Miller 9 years ago

    Wow! This is beautiful! Really makes me miss mine! 🙁

  • Jimetta Kowalski 9 years ago

    you are right Jody it is a 63 Ford ! I love this truck !

  • Karl Mondschein 9 years ago

    This is my ’63 Ford F100 Uni-Body. 2 1/2 year restoration back to original OEM.

  • Jimetta Kowalski 9 years ago

    what year is this?

  • Walter Rambo 9 years ago


  • Lisa Bernard 9 years ago

    That’s an oldie !!!!!!

  • Carl Bernard 9 years ago

    unibody truck first one.

  • Tom Powell 9 years ago

    U-haul special Nice.