Lovely 63 Impala [Blue & White]

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  • John Barry 7 years ago

    I have a Red one threres before and after pictures. it had a 327 300 hp switched it out with a 400 30 over. runs great.

  • John Short 7 years ago

    I remember your car Fred.

  • Fred Dimmitt 7 years ago

    Mine was red with red interior. 300HP 327cid, 4 speed and posi.

  • Bob Grossman 7 years ago

    I had one with a 409 in it. It was all white and it ran like a bat out of HELL.

  • Jacque Babbitt 7 years ago

    That was my Very First Car when I was 18,,,& I LOVED IT <3 Really Wish I Still Had It Too 🙂

  • Michael J Lake 7 years ago

    I remember . We worked on the rear end and axels

  • Daniel Rowe 7 years ago

    I had car just like that one 283

  • Charvel Marie Heacock 7 years ago

    My mom had a black one.. I was young , but I remember that car.