Orange 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air with Cragars. Classic combo.

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  • Teresa Smith Killian 5 years ago

    lol I sure hope we all do! 🙂

  • Douglas Niedt 5 years ago

    I think we will make it to the day’s with the poarch swing and having leamonade, spiked of course and thinking back on life lol SWAK

  • Joe Beach 5 years ago


  • Teresa Smith Killian 5 years ago

    lol I am 51….James is 57 I’m proud I made it this far! lol

  • Douglas Niedt 5 years ago

    Dang I was NOT Even Born..My Oldest Sis was 58.. I won’t ask Ur Age It’s Not Proper LMBO.. Never Ask a Woman Her Age BUT Funny Thing Is When I went Out Last Week The 1st Thing From 1 lady Was My Age Hehehehe.. I Did Not Ask back…It Was The Same Colors and All and a Small Oil Leak..It Could Have Been Mine But Dad as Always F ed Everything Up Just Lookingout For Himself… Sad Sad..But I Did Have Gpa help Me With My 68 Dodge Dart..and did well. The Rest of The Story U Know and ..Now I At least Have The 92 GMC Stepside To make Just as Good ..Best I Can..

  • Deborah Jones Nipper 5 years ago

    nice ride, my kind of car.

  • Harlan Sutton 5 years ago

    One of the best looking chevys ever built. Love these cars.

  • Teresa Smith Killian 5 years ago

    James was born this year …..

  • Teresa Smith Killian 5 years ago

    James had one of these when we where dating!! Cool

  • Douglas Niedt 5 years ago

    My Granpa Had One Of These When I Was Just a Kid and Of Course My Dad Said Trade. It In For Something Else.. I Wanted It So Bad For My 1st Car But Never Happened.. Sad.. 0( Very Nice Car…

  • Norman Schnell 5 years ago

    AGREE !!

  • Norman Schnell 5 years ago

    agree with you 100% keep it to a 15 ” wheel

  • Fred Munar 5 years ago

    Love them either with or without posts!

  • Jim Youno 5 years ago

    Could’nt look any BETTER.

  • Lisa Dahle 5 years ago

    Love it! I have the same color combo on my ’55 210.

  • Benjamin Hammond 5 years ago

    SWEET I love it when they don’t ruin a classic by installing 20’s or 22’s once in a great while they look alright. but these old cars were not designed for large after market rims and tires but to each his own I guess. Love the way this ones set up.

  • Clinton Dmite Haynes 5 years ago


  • James Walsh 5 years ago

    My fathers first car after leaving the Navy, Years later he blew the engine on the LIE and he pulled the tags and left for scrap.Only if he new then what its worth now! LOL

  • Micheal Hudson 5 years ago

    my brother had a 2dr post, like an idiot he sold it cause his fat ugly wife didn’t like it.