You won’t be getting me to race you. [1955 Chevrolet Bel Air]

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  • Paul Dyer 5 years ago

    Is that HIS daily driver?

  • Cathy Zenz Bader 5 years ago

    Pat, you are correct on the city, but it was not during Hot August Nights, it was at a show and shine by the local Chevy club. Thanks for the compliment!

  • Steven Gregory 5 years ago

    ya my ford f150 could beet it 1/4 and 1/2 but maybe not 1/8.

  • Chuck Messinger 5 years ago

    whoa! way cooool!

  • Pat Dilling 5 years ago

    That picture is in Sparks, NV, probably during Hot August Nights. Nice car!

  • Art Leclaire 5 years ago

    is it for sale?

  • Bob Boulton 5 years ago

    Well what’s he holding. and are we talking 1/4 or top end.

  • Doug Stewart 5 years ago

    So beautiful cool.

  • Mike Phillipson 5 years ago

    yeah my daily can beat it in my dream, s lol.

  • Dave Tank Brown 5 years ago


  • Scott Straley 5 years ago

    55 chevy