picturesque 55 Chey Bel Air

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  • John Mcduffie 5 years ago

    I don’t have the vocabulary to say how beautiful this thing is, wow!

  • Dave Dunlap 5 years ago

    Bel Air had the chrome across the front fender unless this guy has removed it.I have original sales brochure if you wish to see it original would have had a choice of 235 six or 265 V8.

  • Scott Straley 5 years ago

    55 bel air 210 model.

  • John Duran 5 years ago

    It’s a 55 210 beautiful.

  • Ed Raymond 5 years ago

    lot 0f nice 55’s still around.

  • Doug Stewart 5 years ago

    Nice so good .

  • John Bagley 5 years ago

    they just recently started to do that at my request

  • Robin Brook 5 years ago

    A girl who knows her tri 5’s! Valerie……. Marry me!

  • Valerie Woodman 5 years ago

    Thank you and yes they are very close in design but the difference is pretty obvious ~ well that and they have it posted at the top of the page what year it actually is…lol

  • John Bagley 5 years ago

    good job val…very close you have to admitt

  • John Bagley 5 years ago

    top of page…saves the guessing lol ” 55 “

  • Valerie Woodman 5 years ago

    It’s a 1955 and on an added note Mr. Jay Burchell ~ President and Executive Manager at Heritage Chevrolet the difference at just a glance is the front turn signals from year to year – the ’55 had more rounded corners and where set outside the grill actually into the body of the car, on the ’56 the grill extended across the entire front of the car and the turn signals were set into that.

  • John Bagley 5 years ago

    its a 55 …says so at top of page hehe but the 56 side molding goes the length of the car FYI

  • Charles Proffitt 5 years ago

    A dream car… love it…

  • Valerie Woodman 5 years ago

    ’55 Chevy Belair.

  • Jay Burchell 5 years ago

    NICE 56

  • Jimmy D Madewell 5 years ago

    1955 or 1956 chevy belair,,,,,,,,, awesome and sweet car,,, 327 motor.

  • Chuck Messinger 5 years ago

    very nice

  • John Bagley 5 years ago