1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Project

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  • Douglas Dodge 7 years ago

    I am building my own 47 chevy coupe. It needed a lot more work than this one for sure very nice car

  • Tom 7 years ago

    spray some clear coat on it drive the wheels off of it

  • John Cavanaugh 7 years ago

    Just drop a 409 in it and bring it over.

  • Adam Boksz 7 years ago

    When I was a Youngster My Neighbor had a ’47 Fleetline exactly like that only garaged kept I so wanted to buy that when I turned 16 and some talked him into selling it to them.

  • Tony Llanes 7 years ago

    wel that ones not done lol

  • Bobby Shaw 7 years ago

    Very nice…I want the fulton visor…).Mine will be done one day..;).

  • Tyler McCormack 7 years ago

    don’t paint it.

  • Gary Soghomonian 7 years ago

    that would be great date car when finshed.

  • Leisha Johnson 7 years ago


  • Leisha Johnson 7 years ago

    wjT—WANT MY

  • Ed Lucas 7 years ago

    yes…freekin’ fat fenders

  • Leisha Johnson 7 years ago

    wow frickin wow.

  • Chris Stratton 7 years ago

    I want it.

  • Jim Staine 7 years ago

    There is one like this in Houston Texas. It has been stripped to bare metal, polished to a shiney finish & sprayed with clear lacquer…………beautiful.

  • Rob Briolat 7 years ago

    sweet ride…maybe it could use a coat of wax :/

  • Classic Nation 7 years ago

    Sweet red wheels on this 47′ Chevy Fleetline!