Hands down, my favorite Ford from the 30s [1937 Ford Deluxe]

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  • Jo West 4 years ago

    Wow – this one is spectacular!

  • Eloy Cisneros 6 years ago

    That’s nice, but a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe looks better.

  • Gerardo Quintanilla Cantu 6 years ago

    …a giant red bit!

  • Bob Lastiri 6 years ago

    I also had a 39 Ford Deluxe coupe that was my first hot rod. In 1955 I swapped in a 55 Chevy 265 motor, first Ford/Chevy swap around. Stovebolts (Chevys) were not considered hot rod material in those days. The car ran C/.I also had a 39 Ford Deluxe coupe that I put a 55 Chevy motor in in 1955. The car ran C/gas and won a bunch of trophies. gas

  • Bob Lastiri 6 years ago

    37 Ford I had 2 of them, a 2 door sedan and a coupe. 1937 Ford switched from the water pumps on the heads to on the block but retained the 21 stud head bolt pattern. In 38 they switched to a 24 stud head bolt pattern. It made 37 heads an orphan and hard to find aluminum heads in that configuration.

  • John Hanlon 6 years ago

    Only ~3500 4 door convertibles made.

  • John Hanlon 6 years ago

    1939 Ford deluxe. Very nice.

  • Vernon Patrick 6 years ago

    36 ford,nice

  • Classic Nation 6 years ago

    Beautiful. It would fit in well on an ocean view beach drive!