What year Chevelle is your all-time favorite?

If you like Chevys, you probably love the Chevelle. Each year Chevelle from ’64-70 are all pretty distinct. Which year is your absolute favorite Chevelle?

1964 Chevelle

Here’s a 1964 Chevelle (convertible). You’ll notice the flat grille and short boxy body.


1965 Chevelle

Here’s a great looking ’65 Chevelle. You’ll notice that grille is a little different from the previous style, and the body is slightly larger.


1966 Chevelle

Here is a 1966 Chevelle


1967 Chevelle.

This is a 1967 Chevelle. (It’s a badass build which isn’t stock. Here are the details)


1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

This is the 1968 Chevelle.


1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Here’s a 1969 Chevelle (Yenko Style)


1970 Chevelle SS

And here is the 1970 Chevelle.

So – which year is your favorite and why? If you’ve got a Chevelle (or pictures of someone’s Chevelle you know), add them to our pictures page to share!


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