Ride in the Baddest ’67 Chevelle you’ve ever seen [VID].

I got the chance to ride in the 1967 Chevelle SS 572 by OCD Customs in Spokane, WA this past weekend, and let me tell you, it moves as fast as it looks good! Some might even call this the perfect muscle car. First, the car. It’s owned by Frank Duval and sports:

572 Big Block
Tremec 5-speed manual transmission
Art Morrison Frame
Modified grill center section from a 56′ chevy
4 corner Wilwood disc brakes
Custom bumpers front and rear with reduced body gaps
Custom modified outer wheelhouses
Shaved and molded drip rails
Custom Welded and smoothed hood underside
Modified and flush mount windshield moldings
Custom smoothed core support
Custom “reduced size” taillight moldings
Shaved door handles and trunk latch
Custom console and dash, with Dolphin gauges
18″ Boss wheels
Custom Seats from a 2007 Ford 500
Factory Chevelle Rosewood Steering Wheel
Full custom upholstery


I was lucky enough to be able to shoot some video and go for a ride in this beast!



OCD Customs is working on some other projects now that look just as interesting!


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  • Mark McLean says:
    4 years ago 5:43 pm

    Pro Touring sucks!

  • Bill Holland says:
    4 years ago 2:30 am

    put those chrome bumpers back on it.

  • Joe Osborn says:
    4 years ago 1:32 am


  • Jim Bray says:
    5 years ago 1:09 am

    Hell yes trade it for a Mustang!

  • Richard Doss says:
    5 years ago 12:34 am

    It look’s and sound’s nice for being custom but there’s nothing like stock! 396ci 375hp sounds off!

  • Bob Shboom Fryz says:
    5 years ago 4:15 am


  • Dan Reimer says:
    5 years ago 4:25 am

    wat happen to pro street

  • Evan says:
    5 years ago 4:23 am

    Crusin’ in “The Sickness” 1967 Chevelle Pro Touring build. Amazingly fast!

  • Leroy Cortez says:
    5 years ago 5:34 am

    sweet best sounding car I have heard in a long time.