Sweet 1969 Plymouth 440 GTX in black


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  • John Bagley says:
    4 years ago 5:11 pm

    opps…post wrong spot,im old lol you are soo right….so many to choose from…i am a mopar guy for the most part…but a sweet GTO…mmm

  • John Bagley says:
    4 years ago 5:09 pm

    man you got that right !!! sooo many bad ass’es…

  • John Bagley says:
    4 years ago 5:07 pm

    thats what i say as well

  • Yvonne Morton Pate says:
    4 years ago 11:43 pm

    OMG I want this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1968 plymouth gtx

  • Alan Stout says:
    4 years ago 1:47 am

    I want one! Not all the flash of some of the other notable Mopars, and the prices reflect that. A goat wouldn’t be bad either, though…

  • Robert Curtis says:
    4 years ago 7:36 am

    Hey Jeff how are you these days? Still have your Road runner? looking pretty good when i last saw it. I am no longer a leathers lifer no more. im working on my disability with SSI wish me luck been three years now. give me a reply Please Jeff.

  • Jorge Sise-Ochoa says:
    4 years ago 5:00 am


  • Richard Doss says:
    4 years ago 9:36 pm

    Yea I think I’ve seen it.

  • David Cormier says:
    4 years ago 5:26 pm

    AWSOME car…

  • Theodore Mcdonald says:
    4 years ago 10:03 am

    My pops has a 70 with 440 super commando he’s owned all my life.Always the hottest car on the block.

  • Ryan Rhyno Noack says:
    4 years ago 6:33 am

    I want so want many of the old school cars that I don’t know which one I would buy first when I get the money. It is a tough choice.

  • Freddy French says:
    4 years ago 4:50 am

    I had a 69 and a 70 Roadrunner both 383 4 speed ram air! Took my drivers license exam in a 69 SuperBee 383 4 speed ramair. Never got out of second the whole test…lol.

  • Jeff Leichner says:
    4 years ago 4:28 am

    I had a chance back in the late 80’s to buy a 69 Hemi GTX. I just couldn’t come up with all the money. I still kick myself sometimes. He sold it for $12,000.00 to some guy in California somewhere. This is a Beautiful black beauty right here in the picture.

  • Earl Chafins says:
    4 years ago 3:28 am

    Rich, do you ever catch Fast n Loud on Discovery? It’s on right now.

  • Ken Pitts says:
    4 years ago 3:26 am

    Alan, a buddy of mine in HS had a 68 GTX with the 440. It would accelerate so hard from 40 to 100 it was unbelievable.

  • Dave Oakley says:
    4 years ago 3:24 am

    Miss my 69 roadrunner. this GTX is only one of a few I have seen with the good done right. The right paint and dimensions, looks great. Now I need to get working on my Cuda.

  • Mortimer Snerd says:
    4 years ago 3:19 am

    neck snapping torque!

  • Richard Doss says:
    4 years ago 3:17 am

    fast car right there.

  • Ron Hedgecoth says:
    4 years ago 3:17 am

    sweet ride

  • John Cozzi says:
    4 years ago 3:16 am

    it is just right!

  • Mortimer Snerd says:
    4 years ago 3:15 am

    love the beefy rubber, didn’t screw it up with some friggin 20’s! bravo!

  • Alan Stout says:
    4 years ago 3:09 am

    So understated, so sinister, so bada**!

  • Darrell D'Amico says:
    4 years ago 1:54 am


  • Scott Byrd says:
    5 years ago 4:53 am