Operation Stance, Braking, and Cooling


So it begins. As I arrived home from work today, seeing my boxed parts on the door step, I felt like an 8 year old kid on Christmas morning. Without pause, I tore open my new parts, and displayed them where new car parts are meant to be displayed… on the carpet, in the living room in front of the fireplace.

Having decided to do this all myself, I did quite a bit of research in anticipation. I will be installing a front disc brake conversion kit on my 65 impala SS, which includes 2″ drop spindles, dual piston aluminum calipers, and 13″ cross drilled and slotted rotors. Since I already have a bit of a staggered stance with my 18″ wheels up front and 20″ wheels out back, I decided to get 2″ lowering springs made by Moog to compliment the front end aesthetic changes. WHile I was at it, I decided to upgrade my stock single diaphram to a dual diaphram with an 8″ booster and proportioning valve. 

While I was at it, I also sprung for an aluminum 3 core radiator, which should allow me to cruise, ever so slowly, during the hottest summer months without a worry of giving my newly rebult 327 a fever.

Stay tuned, as I am sure my coverage of the install process will include a little bit of blood and sweat, but probably mostly tears (caused by frusteration that only 45+ years of frozen solid front end components can cause).

This should be fun!

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