License Plate Frames – Design

Hi all, I’m working on a project to design really nice license plate frames so I thought it’d be nice to get some input from our community.

Currently, people don’t put too much effort in designing frames, so most cars end up with cheap-looking, plastic frames that easily wear out. My goal is to make them durable and sexy, definitely worthy of your expensive toys. There are two styles I’m interested in making right now: (1) CNC billet aluminum and (2) stainless steel painted/coated with shiny retro colors (like Smeg ’50s retro fridges). Ideally, I want the design to be general enough to suit any car but have enough variety to for distinct personal preferences (e.g., metal/stealth, smooth/edgeless, classic/minimalistic, etc.).

My questions are as follows:

1. Do you feel or think that license plate frames need a major upgrade, or at least more attention?

2. What kind of materials/styles do you think will be desirable? It doesn’t have to be from the list above, as any suggestions are welcome.

3. How much are you willing to pay for that upgraded frame? (Cost per frame so for a car, you’ll need two frames)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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