Is the 57′ Chevrolet Bel Air better than the 55′ and 56′?


The 57' Chevrolet Bel Air is certainly more sought after by collectors, but I'm a fan of all three classic designs. To a completely untrained eye they look quite similar. Most Chevy fans (and classic car enthusiasts in general) can quickly spot the difference between all three years of the Bel Air.

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

This is a beautiful 1955 Bel Air.

55 Bel Air

You'll notice that the 55' has the completely horizontal trim on the back quarter panel seperating the upper and lower quarter panel. And, the profile of the rear end is pretty square and drops almost straight down from the tail light to the bumper.

55 Chevy Bel Air tail

Here's a good shot of the rear end of this 55'. 

For the 1956 Bel Air model, a couple things were changed that can easily distinguish it from the others. Here's a 1956 Bel Air:

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

On this 56' Bel Air, you'll notice that the fender trim piece isn't horizontal. It's curved down towards the lower bumper. Here's another look at the 56':

1956 Chevy Bel Air

You can also notice that on the 56', the trim piece that runs down along the side of the body is much thicker than the previous style, and it is wide enough to allow for a little strip of paint inbetween the chrome. Among some other differences between the two cars is the grill and hood emblem, front turn markers, and front bumper.

In 1957, the design of the Bel Air got tweaked a little more. Here's a 57' Bel Air:

1957 Bel Air

As you can see, the 57' has a different side trim than does the 56' and 55'. The trim on the 57' is a single chorme piece that runs the side of the car, and fans out to the rear end without covering the top of the rear fenders. 

67' Chevy Bel Air

And, unlike the 55' and 56' models, the tail fins on the 57' model have a sharper angle coming back to the tail lights and bumper, creating a much more distinct fin. 

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

And as you can see, the grill is different from the two previous designs as well.

So – even with these somewhat subtle differences, the 1957 Bel Air has been a much more desired car for classic car enthusiasts and collectors. It would be hard to argue that the 57' looks dramatically better, so why do people seem to like it more? Did they produce fewer of them making them more rare?

Is the 1957 Bel Air better than the 1955 and 1956 Bel Air? 


  • Dave B says:

    My 55 2 dr hardtop….It is a 265 power pack and a manual transmission with overdrive…

  • Leland Ford says:

    57 Chevy has more appeal,class,just a beautiful automobile,I’ve owned all 3,but I am a proud owner of a 57 Bel Air 2Dr HT presently now,they are all sweet.

  • Mo Cassidy says:

    I have the 55, I prefer it but the others are great looking cars too, Mo

  • Paul Wilson says:

    Well guys, you say the ’57 looks “dramatically better”. I beg to differ. I absolutely love the ’55s design. The small grille & lack of fins are the main reason. Not to say that I don’t admire the other two models.

  • Jeff Sicklesteel says:

    56 is my fav.

    • stoessner says:

      I agree with you as a matter of fact, I am the owner of a 1956 Bel Air 4 door hardtop. I think it’s design is an improvement on the 1955. The styling has a smooth beauty about it. I am not a fan of the tail fins on the 1957. You see lots of ’55s and ’57s out there but the ’56s are a real treat to see. I know I sure love mine.

  • Quantummist says:

    It would be hard to argue that the 57′ looks dramatically better, so why do people seem to like it more?.. You answered your own question…

  • Ian Norburg says:

    I prefer the simplicity of the ’55 myself

  • Shawn Bjork says:

    Very nice car Larry!

  • Shawn Bjork says:

    After all the years of the 57’s being most wanted. The the 55’s as the main stay gasser/race car. The 56′ is finally getting the attention it very much deserves. The grill/front end styling, front fender curves. Best looking side mouldings, to the tail light/ gas filler lock. What was not to like. All three years,any of the body styles are automotive history. If you can, grab one and drive it often like I do and don’t leave it in the garage collecting dust!

  • Shawn Bjork says:

    Agree 100%

  • Donald Lee says:

    me to love them, I had one of them ,wish I had it today

  • Larry Gross says:

    Flippers were only found on the Hardtops, friend. Pardon but you’re no expert.

  • Joe Masar says:

    1956 bel air is the best looking to me ,but I wouldn’t get rid of any of them they are a true classic

  • Janice F. Brown Foster says:

    Yes the 57 is classier than any 50’s cars, Rocco Foster.

  • Steve Fleming says:

    55 is my favorite

  • Dawn Beeler Medley says:

    I had a 69!

  • Ashstin Jones says:

    ’56 chevy Nomad

  • Mark Botsford says:

    ’56, then ’57, then ’55.

  • Ken Hart says:

    56 is mine

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    its like steak its all good !!!

  • George R. Storey says:

    My favorite is the 55! but I like 56,57,62,63,64

  • Nila Ritchie Raclawski says:


  • William Matt Curtiss says:

    55 is my favorite

  • Jack Kennedy says:

    I like the 58!

  • Classic Nation says:

    I can’t decide which year I like better! What’s your favorite?

  • Bonnie Severa Trill says:

    57 is the bomb

  • Bonnie Severa Trill says:

    57 chevy is my favorite classic car I would love to own one.

  • Larry Gooch says:

    Nothing better than a ’56 & dashboard lights !

  • Larry Gross says:

    57 Bel Air is ‘The Granddaddy of Bling’, It was when heads turned and rims stood still.It came in 27 colors, all of them Red, White, and Blue!

  • Scott Winters says:

    Bonnie, I bet you wish you had it now.

  • Bonnie Fouts Annis says:

    I used to own a silver 55 just like this one! I named it the Silver Bullet! It was a great car.

  • Waldon Herdman says:

    55! Personal choice.

  • Kevin Minch says:

    Being an absolute car nut I gotta say this is hard. Each is gorgeous, each is legendary, each is a solid car, real American iron. The 57 enjoys all the popularity but, minus the skirts I’d go with the 55. But it is, for me, nearly a three way tie.

  • Chris DeCanio says:

    I think that all three are great but, I’d be more inclined toward the 55.

  • Tom MacFarlane says:

    For my money the 56 Bel Air is the prettiest Chevrolet ever built.

  • Nelson Rasmussen says:

    My first car was a black ’57 Chevy convert. I loved that car, but, everyone else liked it’s looks better than I did. Of these 3, I prefer the ’55. It’s cleaner. I never did see why there was all the fuss over the ’57’s. Personally I think the ’58 is THE one.

  • Scott Winters says:

    I’m partial to the 55 the lines are the cleanest of the 3.

  • Chelsea Landis says:

    ’56 is the most appealing. More noticeable than the trim is the grille! Hellooooo?

  • Steve Thompson says:

    Richard Boettger yep I had the choice of what to buy and picked 55 chevy ….looks very cool !

  • Nicholas John Rizzo says:

    Aside from it’s more appealing looks, there is a nice, and “Advanced”(for the time) option that could be had in the 57. I can put this advantage into one single word that does not apply to 55’s or 56’s, but only to 57’s. That word is “Fuelie” an option only offered in 57. The cars looked better and were mechanically improved over the 55’s and 56’s.

  • Richard Boettger says:

    Now there’s a good reason(?).Because you own one it’s the best?

  • Steve Thompson says:

    55 is the best…I own a 55 chevy and its the best car of the tri fives.

  • Richard Boettger says:

    I agree!! The ’55 was a far step ahead at the time and as someone suggested the first factory hot rod and a far cry from the styling before it. But the 57 was the first to have to FI 283. The mechanical and body spec differences would have been more useful… especially since you (the author) don’t seem to know the difference between a 210 and a Bel Air.A little more research might have been in order here.

  • Salvatore Gigante says:


  • John Calia says:

    The differences in appearance are fairly obvious to any car nut (and who would read this other than a car nut?). I was hoping you would summarize he mechanical differences. That would be interesting!

  • Richard Boettger says:

    In the first place neither of those 57’s are true BelAir’s. In fact my guess is they started life as a lowly 210 which I personally prefer over the trimmier Bel Air. Or perhaps these two cars were culled from the even lowlier 150 series. They have some BelAir style trim on them, but the most important piece, the one that usually gives it all away is missing on both. The trim at the roofline.Now with that said, I used to own a 57. It was my first car, one I had wanted for years before, so I AM a 57 lover. But I like all three year for different reasons. From an appearance only standpoint, they are in order, the 57, the 56 and finally the 55’s.As far as I’m concerned the 58 was a bogus replacement for any of these cars. I hated it then and am still not fond of the bodystyle.

  • Ed Raymond says:

    I’m a bit prejudice….i like the 55….but do think the 58 impala was an awesom set of wheels.

  • Anthony J. Calabro says:

    I love the 57,55, qnd 56 in that order

  • Keith Dickson says:

    The 55 and 56 were “cleaner” designs. The 57 was a pure response to Chrysler products coming out that year with their fins as well as Chevrolet wanting to be the average man’s Cadillac….. The 57 also had the 283 CID and feulie options as well.

  • C Wayne Sigler says:

    I agree that the 57 is iconic, but I personally prefer the 56. I think it is a sexier car.

  • Norman Schnell says:

    I think the best one of the three is the 55 bel – air 2dr. post , but love ’em all!

  • Zac Lambert says:

    the 55 is buy far the best lookin of the three!

  • Irene Marrero-Galizia says:

    sal look on my page I can’t share but my son in law has this one 56

  • Matt Berryessa says:

    56 is the sharpest looking to me.

  • Steve Moody says:

    I like the 57 but to me, the 58 is far better looking than the 55, 56 or 57.

  • John Zaffino says:

    I don’t agree that the ’57 looks “Dramatically better” than the ’55 and ’56. I think that it’s a personal taste. For myself, I would prefer to have the ’56, the year before the fins. I just think that the two toned color scheme works better on the ’56 than on the ’55, probably because of the curved trim, and I think that it is just a better looking car than the ’57. I, of course, would love to have any of them.

  • Salvatore Gigante says:

    I love the 57 Belaire the best. 2 door Matador red with postless white top. The 283 with fuel injection or quads. My Dad had a 4-door, 283 with powerglide and 4 barrel carb.

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