Custom Ford Galaxie


  • Kim Fisk says:

    Says Galaxie on the fender. My parents had a ’64, navy blue. I vaguely remember it, (dad had lots of pictures of it)but I DO remember someone hit my dad and totaled it and so he went out and bought a brand new 65 yellow Fairlane convertable.

  • Tony Shedden says:

    sorry I dont remmeber that I was more into Chevy back then.

  • Jonathan Eads says:

    no I own one that is a 63.5 galaxie they only made that body for 1 year and at the half year they made a diffrent roof line. and most all the early 60s ford had ford across the hood.

  • Bob Patterson says:


  • Steve Michaels says:

    All 60’s and early 70’s had Ford across the front of the hood.

  • Tony Shedden says:

    it says “Ford” across the hood but I don’t remember any stock fords saying ford across the hood! second it doesn’t look like the letters that spell out “Ford” across the hood match each other. it dose have a word on the fender that looks very familiar, but again it doesn’t look like the letters match. and the resolution of the photo is so low I can’t zoom in on it.there were Ford Falcons and Ford Futuras but the body stile looks more like a Chevy Nova. I cant tell and I think that is exactly what the car builder meant to do. Confuse the hell out of us!Wikipedia claimes the Futura was an Ford Australia product but I saw one in Pennsylvania, it is possible it was shipped from Ford Australia, to here, but I don’t know.

  • Travis Tapia says:

    It says Fairlane don’t it Jonathan??

  • Jonathan Eads says:

    this 63 & half galaxie is bad to the bone

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