Crazy Barn Finds From Across The Country

There is something magical about discovering a barn find classic car burried deep inside an old structure that had been long forgotten. Heck, I even get really excited just looking at barn find pictures. That is why we started a board on Pinterest dedicated just for Barn Finds. Here are some of my favorites!

1955 Corvettte Barn Find

Here’s a solid 1955 Corvette! It’s hard to imagine a scenario where someone would have put this into a barn a “forgotten” about it.

1965 Mustang Fastback Barn Find

This 1965 Mustang Fastback barn find has definitely seen better days, but it wouldn’t take much to get her back on the road and looking sharp!

Charger Barn Find

This 1970 Dodge Charger RT would make a great restoration project!

Porsche Barn Find

Although not in the best condition, I’m sure the value of this 1953 Porsche 356 1500 fully restored would make this a very worthwile project to restore.

1968 Dodge Charger Barn Find

Here’s a 1968 Charger.

1957 Bel Air Barn Find

You definitely don’t see 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air barn finds very often. This beauty seems to be in great shape as well!

Shelby Cobra barn find

Wow. 1965 Shelby Cobra just sitting in a barn some where. From the looks of it, I’m guessing this isn’t a kit either. This folks, is the real deal.

If anyone has any information about any of these barn finds or any restoration updates from them, we would love to hear! Have you ever come across a barn find? Tell us the story in the comments!


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  • Jackson Viney says:
    2 years ago 5:24 pm

    Hey I’d love to do up that 70 charger with my old man, please send me the details on price. Ps I am 15 so I don’t have too much money & I would have to ship it to Melbourne Australia.

  • johnny gonzalez says:
    2 years ago 1:53 pm

    How much for the charger rt…

  • Tony Clements says:
    5 years ago 5:25 pm

    MARRY ME !! I race a 73 big block Duster LOL!!

  • Gary L Ware says:
    5 years ago 9:55 am

    great job. looking forward to finished project on both cars.

  • Tim Wood says:
    5 years ago 9:24 am

    A sleepa! Don’t let it fade away!!

  • Tim Wood says:
    5 years ago 9:23 am

    Runs, I hope.

  • Gary Dyck D says:
    5 years ago 6:33 am

    I found a big black roaches horde in a barn…………my luck still the same =(.

  • Todd Amend says:
    5 years ago 5:56 am

    55 Vette or 57 Chevy either one would make a dream car

  • Angie Putman Smith says:
    5 years ago 5:51 am

    The Vette!

  • Frederick Shoemaker says:
    5 years ago 5:47 am

    who would do that to the cobra.

  • John Parkinson says:
    5 years ago 5:46 am

    if that is all original it could be 40 g’s as is.

  • Gavin Anderson says:
    5 years ago 5:44 am

    Any of them would be awesome… I would have to go with the Mustang in my friends memory.

  • Roy Kronenberg says:
    5 years ago 5:44 am

    The cobra would certainly be the most valuable.

  • Clifford Cupp says:
    5 years ago 5:43 am

    l think the 57.

  • Scott Harris says:
    5 years ago 5:41 am

    I take the chargers.

  • Michael Tuckner says:
    5 years ago 5:28 am


  • Don Loughridge says:
    5 years ago 5:03 am

    Max Wedge? I thought those were ’62-’64?

  • Don Loughridge says:
    5 years ago 5:00 am

    ’55 Corvettes DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS! This is obviously a ’56. I’d take the Porsche cabriolet-Huge dollars restored!

  • Tom Cross says:
    5 years ago 4:59 am

    ’68 R/T 440 Max Wedge /.

  • Tom Berger says:
    5 years ago 4:52 am

    65 Cobra no doubt if its a real one , worth 5 times as much as any other car there , could sell it and buy 3 new vettes.

  • Peter Nordberg says:
    5 years ago 4:50 am

    The 57 for sure my dream queen!!!

  • Ron Bozinovich says:
    5 years ago 4:49 am

    I’m a Chevy guy but I have always liked the ’68 Charger.

  • Mark Lukas says:
    5 years ago 4:49 am

    This does happen. A friend has a 1970 mustang. Nothing fancy, just a sport roof, no mach 1, dog dish hub caps, no p/s, no p/b, no luxury options. It does have a 428 super cobra jet, shaker hood, with the drag pak option, and 13,000 original miles. He is now in a nursing home. Will the car be forgotten?

    • Brad says:
      3 years ago 1:36 pm

      Only if YOU let it be forgotten. As a friend to this person, and hopefully a ‘car guy’ as well, it is your duty to keep her from being just another forgotten jewel left in a barn to rot. My older brother has a 63′ Ford Gallaxie Convertible. Our Uncle Roger gave it to him, who used to dragrace it back in the day but because of health issues he went blind, and gave it my brother who is a huge car nut, so it wouldn’t suffer the fate of being forgotten. But alas, it sits in his garage and has been for at least ten years and rots away. It’s sad. If I had the means, I would save her myself. If you have the means, you need to save that Mustang!

  • Lisa Takvam says:
    5 years ago 4:29 am


  • Kevin Wright says:
    5 years ago 3:20 am

    70 Charger RT

  • Donna Peterson says:
    5 years ago 3:20 am

    Bobby, you’re amazing!

  • Lisa Hooper Moseley says:
    5 years ago 3:20 am

    def the cobra

  • Steve Stark says:
    5 years ago 3:19 am

    Cobra or 1966 350r

  • Buzz Templeton says:
    5 years ago 3:14 am

    Always the Cobra!

  • Jd Cubbage says:
    5 years ago 3:12 am

    Charger or bel air

  • Ryan Rutherford says:
    5 years ago 3:12 am


  • Julie Smith Mulbrook says:
    5 years ago 3:12 am

    ’70 Charger!

  • Harry Hale says:
    5 years ago 3:09 am

    Wait !! I didn’t see the Bel air. might have to take that instead

  • Harry Hale says:
    5 years ago 3:07 am


  • Robert Ward says:
    5 years ago 3:05 am

    the 57 chevy is awsome!

  • Wayne Thomas says:
    5 years ago 3:03 am


  • Evan says:
    5 years ago 3:00 am

    Of these 7 barn finds, if I could only have one, I would take the 65′ Shelby Cobra. Which one would you take?

  • David Elliott says:
    5 years ago 2:58 am

    that’s what i thought

  • Evan says:
    5 years ago 2:58 am

    Good catch. Corrected.

  • Evan says:
    5 years ago 2:55 am

    Nice! Do you have any pictures of it that you would care to share on our site? I’d love to see it!

  • Bobby Mitchell says:
    5 years ago 2:53 am

    I found a 1965 factory turbocharged 4 speed 2 door hard top Corvair in a barn, hadn’t been run in 10 years its been my daily driver for a year or so, and have been slowly restoring it, getting ready for paint.

  • Kyle Peckham says:
    5 years ago 2:46 am

    Back in about 1980-something my dad rescued a 1970 Olds 442 W30 hardtop that his best friend had found sitting in the middle of a field. Car was rusitng a little, it hadn’t been driven in about 10 years (by the registration on the plates). He and his buddy tracked down the guy who owned the field bought the car, and it sits in our garage now.

  • Scott Scharfenberg says:
    5 years ago 2:39 am

    Why, God? Why not ME? I don’t ask for much. Just ONE FIND is all I ask then I will never bother you again, I promise!

  • Marc Robertson says:
    5 years ago 2:35 am

    The red charger is a 68′. Look at the tail lights.

  • Mortimer Snerd says:
    5 years ago 2:28 am

    a 46-49 ford woodside in the row garages for an apt. building I lived in. the landlord said it was there when he bought the place and that title was being researched. it was in great shape and could have easily been brought back.

  • Kevin Gimm says:
    5 years ago 2:24 am

    I found a 74 olds 442 found it a storage lot I never drove it still in pieces but I’m working on it.

  • Dan Saucedo says:
    5 years ago 2:24 am

    Wow these cars are so kool