Abandoned: Studebaker Truck and 55 Chevy [located in Eastern Washington State]

North of Spokane, Washington I came across two abandoned vehicles out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. An early model Studebaker pickup truck, and a 55 Chevy. Here are some pictures that I took. There not exactly barn finds, but they are abondoned classics. Does anyone think these are worth anything? Here are some more pictures that I took of these two classics.



As you can see, this 55′ Chevy looks to be fairly solid. It seems to me that you could get most of the parts you would need online from EcklersEarlyChevy.com and spend a couple of weekends sanding. For the amount of time it would take to get this car back on the road and looking good – it just might be worth it!




So, what do you think? Are these worth the time and effort that would be needed to get them restored? Or do you think they are already too far gone or not rare enough to try to mess with?


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  • George Northcutt says:
    4 years ago 11:13 pm

    NICE FIND!!!!

  • George Northcutt says:
    4 years ago 9:38 am

    Go to County to find owner of land….. take plate Numbers & get owners names…

  • Greg Rock says:
    5 years ago 9:59 am

    All of them are worth restoring if you have the time and money. Would love both of these myself.

  • Francis Zimmerman says:
    5 years ago 7:43 am

    hell yeah theyre worth it! any classic is worth restoring!

  • Nadia Rose J says:
    5 years ago 12:18 am

    I like those trucks!! They should bring that style back?? 😉

  • Bruce Koukalaka Clarke says:
    5 years ago 11:26 am

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Bruce Koukalaka Clarke says:
    5 years ago 11:17 am

    I’d love to restore them both I think they are diamonds in the rough!

  • David Reeves says:
    5 years ago 12:09 am


  • Craig Conger says:
    5 years ago 10:40 pm

    the floor boards seem to be in good shape hell yes its worth saving them I want the truck!

  • Art Burleson says:
    5 years ago 10:36 pm

    both are, any classic is worth restoring in the shape those 2 are in.

  • Michael Warren says:
    5 years ago 2:48 am

    If one has the time, money, dedication, and patience, almost anything can be restored. These look like solid bodies, and parts are plentiful for the “55 Chevy. Restore them, don’t crush them!

  • Ryan Lackey says:
    5 years ago 10:24 pm

    I wont them both me and my dad could fix them

  • Bob Lastiri says:
    5 years ago 5:18 am

    The studie might make a good rat rod.

  • Rafael Santos says:
    5 years ago 5:22 am

    You can’t just let them die

  • Brett Dodds says:
    5 years ago 9:29 pm

    no parts only

  • Evan says:
    5 years ago 9:13 pm

    Are these worth restoring?

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 3:34 pm

    I wood like to have them both use truck to toow the car to the strip You See

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 3:38 pm

    Definitely get them out of the woods and restored. I have a ’55 Chevy just like that one. Classics like these aren’t around much anymore and well worth fixing up.

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 10:09 pm

    I'd just like to point something out to everyone…the truck is NOT an International. It is a 1949-1953 Studebaker pickup. They went unchanged in those years. Look it up, search "49 studebaker pickup" on Google Images. Also, it says Studebaker right across the tailgate, the top of the grill, and on the side in front of the door. 

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 12:03 am

    hellz yea restorable on both the pickup intrests me how much do u want for it i got a bad ass hemi i think would b nice n it n interior parts wouldnt take me long to fix it up n b rolling


  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 10:59 pm

    Evans, what are they asking for the '55 Chevy?

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 10:53 am

    They look like they would make good landfill!

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 12:30 am

    very restorable!!  are they for sale?


  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 12:13 am

    Man, I would try!


  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 12:10 am

    Comment     i would like to have that 55 chevy

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:57 pm

    I like the International truck. But I'm working on a 63ford galaxie500 boxtop 4 door sedan.

    Doing most of the work myself. I tell the wife, children , grandchildren , family and friend

     for Christmas get me gift cards to Auto Zone , Jegs, Year one , Summit,ect………..I rebuilt

    the engine 1st so I could drive her. I took half the chrome off , filled the holes , rattle can primer

    took her to a car show won 3rd in her class.(60 to 63 cruiser) Made me feel good about the work

     I've done on her..Still have a long way to go but I'm no hurry. If I finish her I'll have nothing to tinker with..


  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:46 pm

    Love, love, LOVE the truck! What do you think it would it take to get in drivable?

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:30 pm

    My husband syas they both have potential!    I think it would be wise if you ran the plates.

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:29 pm

    where is it and how much?

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:28 pm

    The four door is not good enough I don't think , but the pickup is worth fixing . Maybe some one can use the 55 for parts if there anything left . now the pickup will make a very nice rod for some one to play with , you might try KC classic cars , on facebook and see what they think thair the best I've ever seen at fixing things the right way . >>> Pat

  • Anonymous says:
    5 years ago 11:23 pm

    I think they more than worth it you should get both of them beautiful vehicles restored. Please get them restored.