A 1964 Falcon Futura named Ruby


From a Classic Nation fan:

"My now ex wife bought the car about 12 years ago. She was the 3rd owner and the second owner only had it for three months before his wife got pregnant and made him sell it. Its the classic story but it really was owned its whole life by a little old lady who bought it new, kept it garaged and drove it to the shops and back  once a week. My ex had it for about 6 weeks before she finally accepted the fact she was not physically capable of driving a car with no power steering or power brakes around San Francisco. For the next three years it sat under covers at her parents house. When I moved here from Australia I eventually found the car and pretty quickly got it back on the road. It was for 5 years my daily driver and by far the most reliable car I have ever owned. In that whole time, apart from services the only thing that needed doing was getting the carb rebuilt. Last year it went around the clock for the first time ever…. and when I sold it, there was 104000 miles only on there. The car was 100% original, nothing changed since the day it rolled off. By no means was it in perfect condition but for a car thats approaching 50 years old, it was remarkable."
"Times changed and when my ex and I split the car came with me. As it was now my only car, I had to get another for freeway trips and longer drives. I would still take her out on weekends and turn heads and my favorite thing to do was load up my much loved dog Ruby who loved that car and go cruising. I assure you I have heard every story about someone's parents, grandparents or themselves about owning a Falcon. People really seem to have an affinity for that car. 2 months ago, my whole world changed when my little dog Ruby passed away just short of her 15th birthday. Sitting in the Falcon just didnt bring me the same pleasure any more and I knew it was time to say goodbye to another old friend. It was really hard watching it drive away but the guy who bought it understands and he has been sending me regular photos and emails about what he has fixed, changed or improved and I thank him so much for that. In memory of my little dog, as he was leaving I said to him "the car's name is Ruby by the way."  and bless him, he sends me updates now about Ruby and how she is getting the loved she needed and deserved."
"I am a partner in a film production company, so the day before she left we went for a drive. It was a beautiful sunny San Francisco Sunday, the type we hardly ever get and it felt like the day had shined for both my Rubys."



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