700+ Abandoned Classic Dodges (Mostly Chargers) in Alabama?


Out in the remote back fields of Anderson, Alabama sits a huge junkyard of old Dodge vehicles that appear to have been long since abandoned. From what people have been able to tell, these cars have been untouched for decades and are mostly Chargers. Here is the location that we were able to spot on Google Maps.

Here are a couple of closeup photos of the cars, though it’s really hard to tell if anything in the lot looks salvageable.

Abandoned Dodge Chargers

Via brunstei @ Advrider.com

Abandoned Dodge Chargers in a Field in Alabama

Via brunstei @ Advrider.com

It turns out, these aren’t actually abandoned at all. They are part of Stephens Performance;  “the largest Mopar salvage and parts operation” as their website says. If you make it out that way – be sure to snap some pictures and post them here! And if you are needing to get classic car financing, drop on over to visit our new partner page!



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