Pro touring style 1970 Camaro SS with split bumper option


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  • John Cavanaugh says:
    4 years ago 2:56 am

    The split bumper was on the SS, RS and Z28. Body stile went through 1973

  • Rodney Solano says:
    4 years ago 5:25 am

    It was considered a 1970 late model production SS Camaro.

  • Michael Vent says:
    4 years ago 5:19 pm

    I thought the camaro that is referred as the 70/1/2 was the split bumper not the full bumper one

  • Don Loughridge says:
    4 years ago 4:09 pm

    To all debating over the “70 vs. 70 1/2” debate: I HAVE ONE! I didn’t read about it. Or see it on a website. I grew up in this era. My Z/28 looks like a ’69 but it’s marked as a ’70. It’s the real deal! I believe they made that bodystyle through the end of the year. The data plate on the firewall says it’s a ’70. The factory sticker on the driver’s side doorjam says it’s a ’70. It came from the factory with a side-terminal battery. Correct date-coding everywhere. That’s good enough for me. BTW I bought this car in 1976, I’m no newcomer to this. I’m not trying to be a d**k about this but there are first-generation ’70s! Second-generation 1970s are referred to as 70 1/2s.

    • John Cozzi says:
      4 years ago 3:22 pm

      I don’t own one but I too grew up in this era and we did have a ’69 convertible which was the last of the previous body style with the least chrome. Then late ’69 the new Camaros and Firebirds came out they were ’70 models. Growing up in Los Angeles then we all looked forward to September – that is when all the new cars hit the showrooms and we had a Chevy, Pontiac and Chrysler dealership within four blocks of each other. They were also, and help me here Don, the beginning of I think three years with no convertibles in the range. After or by ’73 the next gen had the worst low impact bumpers and really the model as anyone growing up then would attest went to hell…as with the mustang. Just my view.

  • Don Loughridge says:
    4 years ago 3:54 pm

    Bryan Smith- Please see my post.

  • Don Loughridge says:
    4 years ago 3:51 pm

    Bruce Carson Look at my post please.

  • Don Loughridge says:
    4 years ago 3:49 pm

    I actually have a ’70 Z/28 Camaro. It has a ’69 body and a 3rd week of October 1969 production date which makes it a ’70 in anybody’s book. Back then the next year’s models rolled off the assembly line in late August. Look in an early 1970 Chevrolet Sales Brochure, it shows what appears to be a ’69 Camaro SS with a 1970 license plate. Sticker on the door jamb says 10/69. The plate on firewall says 10C 3rd week of Oct. 69. Wheels are date coded correctly along with MANY other items (seat belts, instrument panel, etc., etc., etc.). Not just my speculation but a proven fact! Sorry Tom, but you’re not the Camaro expert you think you are, at least on the first generation.

  • Charles Deuel says:
    4 years ago 3:23 pm

    if you get on the chevy camaro web site it’ll say it’s called a 70 , chevy never called it a 70 and a half , I have one ful bumper 307 #s matching.

  • Jayson Waylon Campos says:
    4 years ago 3:05 pm

    Marvelous! I like the factory front air dam. I personally feel the Torque Thrust II is an over used wheel, but looks good here! And I hope the rear suspension is firm, not much travel room for tire to fender. But greatest factor is, as always…what is under the hood?

  • Scott Cassell says:
    4 years ago 8:08 pm

    The RS option included the “split bumpers” and could be had on ANY Camaro 70 – 73….. You could get a base 6 cyl. car with the RS package as well as combining RS with an SS or like my car RS Z28……Look for the “cats eye” parking lights between the headlights and grill, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many people put bumperets on non RS cars (with parking lights below the bumper)

  • Drew Talbert says:
    4 years ago 2:17 pm

    is this car a 73?

  • Drew Talbert says:
    4 years ago 2:15 pm

    John Cozzi same deal with the first Mustang

  • Drew Talbert says:
    4 years ago 2:11 pm

    got one real close to it, a z clone white stripes and rally wheels, 4″ cowl hood. want to see it?

  • Tom Berger says:
    4 years ago 5:49 am

    it was no myth it is a fact , like Bruce said there was a few late 69s produced after august 69 with the 69 body style that were said to be 70s , the 70 1/2 came out after august 70 and was sold as 70 1/2 I know this for a fact I grew up with those cars in 70 , that’s all I have to say on this subject . either way there both great cars I prefer the 69 myself .

  • Enrique Jet Sosa says:
    4 years ago 1:10 am

    U Wanna sell it.?

  • Michael Samberson says:
    4 years ago 6:13 pm

    those r my favorite car made!

  • Rick Paglia says:
    4 years ago 5:58 pm

    Yes I knon Tom it is a 70 1/2, sorry.

  • Kevin Apodaca says:
    4 years ago 3:11 pm

    I got a 70 1/2 super sport. Camaro

  • Scott Kelley says:
    4 years ago 2:15 pm

    high school friend Allan Bacon had the split bumper.

  • Thomas Kelly says:
    4 years ago 8:33 am

    Love it.

  • John Duran says:
    4 years ago 8:23 am

    I’m thinking of making my 70 SS Camaro race car into a pro street , but its hard to do with the 509 S.L. big block with two 1050 dominators it’s dynod at about 910 hp. and 800 tq. without the nos 500 hp. fogger. The trans is a Hughes power glide w/a 5500 stall and a trans brake a narrowed 9″ 4 link curry w/disk 35 spline axles, 5:13 gears a spool and 14.”5 /32″ Hooshers. It would be difficult to drive on the street the VP C16 race fuel would cost about ten to twelve dollars a gallon to expensive maybe just put a for sale sign on it and take it to the drag races and make some passes down the track and see what happens , maybe get some offers. Let you all know what happens….to be continued.

  • John Cozzi says:
    4 years ago 8:00 am

    Hi Bryan, that’s really good to know. I think the real issue around half year models was that the manufacturers were so happy to make those updates and changes almost readily, where today there is so much accounting and marketing inputs. Anyway that is the thing for me. But you know in this instance I do recall a cover of R&T or Motor Trend which had drawings of the Camaro and I think Firebird – and some mention of the half year. But, that is not to say you’re wrong.I do believe you on this point – I don’t think the car was ever sold as a 1/2 year model. Finally I certainly remember when both the Chev and Pontiac were launched – that was big deal! These were radical redesigns for the time and heralded a new era and not always for the best. Apologies for being long winded.

  • Bryan Smith says:
    4 years ago 7:50 am


  • Bryan Smith says:
    4 years ago 7:50 am

    @ Tom Berger. While I love your enthusiasm, the 70 1/2 is the biggest myth surrounding the Camaro. While it is true it came out late, Chevy or GM never called this a 70 1/2. It is officially a 1970. Being a ’70 Z28 owner myself, this is something I am very adamant

  • Tom Berger says:
    4 years ago 7:38 am

    I liked his 68 rat race best

  • Bruce Carson says:
    4 years ago 7:31 am

    I remember when Tom Huggins bought a brand new 70 1/2 and drove it home.

  • Bruce Carson says:
    4 years ago 7:30 am

    If you look at Camaros with the 69 body style….I forget how may numbers over in the VIN # some of them are a “0” meaning it was actually made in 1970.

  • Bruce Carson says:
    4 years ago 7:29 am

    Exactly…not many supposed chevy guys even know that Tommy.

  • John Cozzi says:
    4 years ago 7:22 am

    Nice truck. SWB? What year?

  • John Cozzi says:
    4 years ago 7:21 am

    Thank you Tom, I think I remember this as I think they appeared at a dealer in La Brea in Hancock Park only days before the LA Motor Show of ’70. I only thought about this as you mentioned it. Gosh I miss the half year models.

  • Rick Paglia says:
    4 years ago 7:19 am

    Not too many out there, and I am one of the lucky ones, i have one.

  • Tom Berger says:
    4 years ago 7:16 am

    they never made a 70 Camaro , they were late with the new body design that year , they were a late year production called 70 1/2.

  • Pat Shiek says:
    4 years ago 6:42 am

    I Like

  • John Cozzi says:
    4 years ago 6:39 am

    For me, ’69 (My mom had a drophead Maroon and White int.) and ’70 big mouth (my words-always called it that- don’t intend to offend) best ever models. Love one of each.

  • Ethan Zatarain says:
    4 years ago 6:37 am


  • Ehsan Soltaniyeh says:
    4 years ago 6:35 am

    my love