Scoop! [1969 Dodge Super Bee Six Pack]


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  • Ken Phillips says:
    3 years ago 9:26 am

    Yes, I had both a stock 69 Superbee and a 69 Roadrunner that was pushing 600 horsepower. They were the best cars ever!!!

  • Greg Barber says:
    3 years ago 2:34 pm

    Take off the spoiler, the stripes, replace the 440 with a 198 slant 6 and my dad had the same car…. a 1969 Dodge Coronet!! 🙂

  • George L Forsythe Jr. says:
    3 years ago 2:54 am

    a friend had a twin to this one,, He blowed motor in 1974 car sat in his basement for 30 years with 11,000 original miles , he sold it about 5 years ago for 69,000 dollars,, I wonder if this is even the same car,, really be something if it was.

  • Bryan Lee says:
    3 years ago 1:31 am

    Love the A12 Superbees and Roadrunners. That was a man’s car.

  • Randy McCown says:
    3 years ago 1:24 am

    beep beep

  • Randy McCown says:
    3 years ago 1:24 am

    but they couldnt beat the road runners

  • Cesar Bikic says:
    3 years ago 12:48 am

    I had a sixty-nine last night, not like this one!

  • Mike Taulbee says:
    3 years ago 12:20 am

    mines just a clone but it’s fun anyway.

  • Dave Oakley says:
    3 years ago 11:09 pm

    I tote up the roads in my 69 while in the Army.

  • Curt Sweet says:
    3 years ago 10:35 pm

    Mine was Gold, 383 mag and bench seat…RIP…

  • Dave Thomas says:
    3 years ago 10:11 pm

    I owned one for quite a few years with a 383 high performance with 4 speed! I Loved it ’till some little girl ran a stop sign! Sure would like to still have it now!

  • Kaemon Cail says:
    4 years ago 2:08 pm

    got tht right

  • Hollie Jones says:
    4 years ago 4:19 am

    Totally HOT!!

  • Chris Long says:
    4 years ago 1:41 am

    My favorite car

  • Christopher Harrell says:
    4 years ago 12:54 am

    440sixpack, 383sixpack, duster340 sixpack love them all..

  • Robert Burnett says:
    4 years ago 12:43 am

    id like em both right now !

  • Randy May says:
    4 years ago 12:22 am

    And I wish I still had it as well.

  • Robert Burnett says:
    4 years ago 12:04 am

    lol…yeah , you got a good deal on my 67 Camero….

  • Randy May says:
    4 years ago 11:50 pm

    No one ever accused you being smart. 🙂

  • Robert Burnett says:
    4 years ago 11:26 pm

    I had a 69 also, I should had kept it shows how smart I was….

  • Paul Michael Quire says:
    4 years ago 10:45 pm

    1968 Super Bee is what I had, was one of the best running car I have had.

  • Jeff Valenti says:
    4 years ago 9:55 pm

    owned mine since new.

  • Robert Bush says:
    4 years ago 9:51 pm

    One bad ride!

  • Wesley Beckham says:
    4 years ago 9:35 pm

    nasty and nice.