1966 Chevelle with ZZ502 crate. The blue is called “Nassau Blue”


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  • Ryan says:
    3 years ago 10:28 am

    Do you remember which wheel from billet specialties?

    • Anonymous says:
      2 years ago 7:46 pm

      Wheels are Billet Specialties “Street Star”

  • Bill Holland says:
    4 years ago 3:25 am


  • Evan says:
    4 years ago 3:56 am

    Cool site, and great looking car!

  • Joe Tollis says:
    4 years ago 1:26 am

    This was my car that I personally built then sold. Someone asked about the color, it is called “Nassau Blue” from a 66 Corvette but I had it mixed with large metalic instead of the vintage fine metalic. The wheels are Billet Specialties 20×9 in rear & 18×7 in front. 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes, ZZ502 crate engine with a Richmond 5 speed OD transmission. It looks even more incredible in person! If you have any other questions please ask & thank you all for the compliments!

    • Larry says:
      2 years ago 5:33 pm

      Great. What paint code is it and what did you mix with it? Thanks.

    • Jared Johnson says:
      2 years ago 10:31 pm

      What suspension kit was installed I am restoring my Chevelle and was thinking of going with a DSE any thoughts I really like this stance

    • Brian tucker says:
      2 years ago 2:39 pm

      Love the car…..my pops has a 66 almost same color with big block blower ..wondering what size tire is on the back?

  • Donna Foster MacPherson says:
    4 years ago 3:39 am

    My hubby use work in body shop

  • Donna Foster MacPherson says:
    4 years ago 3:38 am

    Competition blue sure of it like it too

  • Mark Lancaster says:
    4 years ago 3:22 am

    I think I’m in Love!

  • Michael Roberts says:
    4 years ago 3:05 am

    Does anybody now what color this is, I have a truck that I’m restoring, and I really like the color.

  • Billy Fillmore Sr says:
    4 years ago 12:25 am

    sweet and slamed.

  • Cole Quinnell says:
    4 years ago 11:51 pm

    Beautiful car!

  • Todd Keogh says:
    4 years ago 11:21 pm

    I had one too. Stupid kids getting rid of treasures !

  • Dave Daffron says:
    4 years ago 11:14 pm

    My dad had one 396/375hp SS 4 speed with 3:73 posi marina blue convertible with white bucket seats one bad azz ride wish I had it now.

  • Doug Stewart says:
    4 years ago 11:13 pm

    Nice cool .

  • Dee Oleskool Ramos says:
    4 years ago 11:02 pm


  • Bill Hillyard says:
    4 years ago 11:02 pm

    Had one that same color when I was young. Had black bucket seats, 396 c.i. 325 h.p. engine, four speed. I loved that car. It was a SS396 too. Would like to have another one to play around with if I could afford it.

  • Garret Ward says:
    4 years ago 10:57 pm


  • Mark Smith says:
    4 years ago 10:55 pm

    That’s a Beautiful car… I just posted a 66 on ebay in need of a restore I was hopin to get to but no time or money for it.

  • Steven Paden says:
    4 years ago 10:45 pm

    gotta luv it an the color bad azzz.

  • Dee Oleskool Ramos says:
    4 years ago 10:45 pm


  • Beau Meshuga Collins says:
    4 years ago 10:37 pm

    I think I just messed me drawers.

  • Lenton Brooks says:
    4 years ago 10:34 pm

    He lowered it, Ugh.

  • Ron Hedgecoth says:
    4 years ago 10:34 pm

    this is one bad ass ride.

    • Sandra Vidito says:
      4 years ago 4:53 pm

      This one of course!