Pro Touring 66 Chevelle 502 with the ideal stance


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  • Jay says:
    3 years ago 10:48 am

    Everyone has their own taste in wheels. Some… some seem stupid and that goes both ways. The thing that most are missing when they dwell on the wheel selection of the owner, is that someone took the time, energy and definately the money to survive and old car. This car is beautiful and nice job!!!!!!

  • Donald Teel says:
    4 years ago 6:10 am

    Bad ass car wheels are KICK ASS TOO.

  • Jeff Beachner says:
    4 years ago 5:54 pm

    That’s is right. I was picturing a single head light grill in my head? Maybe because I used to have a 72 el camino?

  • Morgan Winter says:
    4 years ago 2:20 am

    Sonny is correct.

  • Morgan Winter says:
    4 years ago 2:19 am

    You are right about the all-new body for ’68, but quite wrong about the headlights for ’67.

  • Calvin ThemadTrucker Dent says:
    4 years ago 10:44 pm

    People get so worked up over wheels its a damn shame obviously this guy like them with a paint job like stock wheels doesn’t look good I’m glad this person is not closed minded like alot of you car people.

  • Arlene Murrell Speakman says:
    4 years ago 1:39 pm

    My favorite car was a 1965 convertible. Red…Loved that car. Jack and I sold it when we got married since it could not hold a family with 5 kids.

  • Tom Kuegler says:
    4 years ago 6:39 am

    Sweet car.

  • Robert W Moore says:
    4 years ago 4:55 am

    That is really clean.

  • David Cantrell says:
    4 years ago 4:48 am

    Pretty in “BLUE”.

  • Sonny Solis says:
    4 years ago 4:13 am

    ’66 Chevelle. I have one. Not as nice as this one, but it’s a nice driver..

  • Jeff Beachner says:
    4 years ago 3:40 am

    1966 Malibu would be the correct model and year! 66 has dbl headlights as to the 67’s singles and the 1968 model is all together another body style.

  • Philip Wright says:
    4 years ago 3:39 am

    I think old cars need 15″ wheels not 18s just say n.

  • Mike Jurgensen says:
    4 years ago 3:14 am

    ’67’ chevelle,, they changed the body style in ’68’

  • Mary Hilton says:
    4 years ago 3:07 am

    Why is everybody hating on the wheels? I think they look good and its nice to see some individuality..not everyone wants chevy rings and caps or hot wheels mags. There are so many options now why not make your ride unique?

  • Doug Stewart says:
    4 years ago 2:34 am

    Like Blue Dream nice for car .

  • Aaron Rogge says:
    4 years ago 2:27 am

    I agree,tires need more rubber its a Chevy not a rice burner

  • Bill Pewterbaugh says:
    4 years ago 2:26 am

    the wheels and tires are fugly…other then that good looking Chevelle.

  • Chuck Messinger says:
    4 years ago 2:26 am

    68 chevy malibu.

  • Charles Bauer III says:
    4 years ago 2:24 am

    Nice pro touring look….

  • Chuck Uren says:
    4 years ago 2:23 am

    I WANT

  • Chuck Cornellier says:
    4 years ago 2:15 am

    where is this at? it looks like mine I sold in az.

  • Clayton Parrish says:
    4 years ago 2:14 am

    6 6 malibo vary nice I wish brother could see it.

  • Dan Kessler says:
    4 years ago 2:12 am

    Needs smaller wheels and bigger tires!

  • Jeff Wade says:
    4 years ago 2:10 am

    My uncle had one staring at this car I can almost smell the interior nice car.

  • Doug Frazier says:
    4 years ago 2:10 am


  • Tim Campbell says:
    4 years ago 2:08 am

    Georgeous Color!

  • Lynette Chabert says:
    4 years ago 2:05 am