1965 Ford Mustang with a low, perfect stance


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  • Ali khalfan says:
    3 years ago 11:31 am


  • Gary M. Clark says:
    3 years ago 8:47 pm

    To low!!

  • Charlotte Dickson says:
    3 years ago 8:13 pm

    I think its a beauty 🙂

  • Scott Cox says:
    3 years ago 8:09 pm

    Way too low, but nice!

  • Fred Conklin says:
    4 years ago 6:18 am


  • Tom Berger says:
    4 years ago 6:15 am

    nice 72 pinto.

  • David Maxwell says:
    4 years ago 4:21 am

    Looks like Air Ride Suspension Booth at a Car Show so if you want it low drop it and it want it up raise it up. I personally like my 66 GT Fastback sitting up. This car does look good though sitting low with these wheels on it.

  • Steve Moody says:
    4 years ago 4:18 am

    Definitely too low. Lowering any car just makes it looks stupid.

  • Tommy Tedder says:
    4 years ago 2:52 am

    would love to own it as long as the stance comes from air ride suspension.

  • David Maxwell says:
    4 years ago 2:21 am

    Looks great.

  • Victor Del Rio says:
    4 years ago 2:05 am

    I don’t like any lowered vehicles unless it’s a Ford GT 40.

  • Sandra Witkiewicz says:
    4 years ago 1:49 am

    There’s the Mustang.

  • Arthur Damman says:
    4 years ago 1:17 am

    What a nice car.

  • Tyler Bear says:
    4 years ago 1:11 am

    kill yourself

  • John Zaffino says:
    4 years ago 1:05 am


  • Marilyn L Vincent says:
    4 years ago 1:04 am

    <3 it