A nice looking rear on this muscle car 1964 Ford Galaxie


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  • Mikey P. says:
    4 years ago 1:05 am

    SLAM IT!!!!!!!

  • tim sams says:
    4 years ago 5:59 pm

    Its perfect for two reasons,one I was born in 1964,and two,I have a 1965 elcamino,and it also sits a little higher in the back so my 383 stroker has something to lean on when I wind her up…the word is perfect.

  • Evan says:
    4 years ago 6:06 pm

    The stance is perfect. These old galaxies looked so good with the tail sitting slightly higher than the front. I’m a big fan of the wheel and tire choice as well.

  • James Robinson says:
    4 years ago 5:57 pm

    I had one with 3 duces.

  • Mark Bazzell says:
    5 years ago 7:54 am

    I had a 390 in a ’64 t-bird…with a 4-barrel carb

  • Jim Ray says:
    5 years ago 4:39 am

    Nice car… gotta lose those plow hooks though.

  • Dale Franks says:
    5 years ago 2:54 am

    and 352 and 289

  • Charles Hansen says:
    5 years ago 2:29 am

    I had this in a wagon in the 70’s.

  • Ronald Justice says:
    5 years ago 2:28 am

    love these my 1st car.

  • Bruce Sanborn says:
    5 years ago 12:39 am

    Either the 390 or the 427 were great engines.

  • Bill Hamm says:
    5 years ago 12:32 am

    64 Galaxie, the best ever.I had 1 in 1967, Iloved that car.

  • Mark Bazzell says:
    5 years ago 12:04 am

    real nice, brings back good memories…

  • Dale Franks says:
    5 years ago 12:00 am

    oh my love.