The first year of the Chevelle Malibu [64 Malibu Convertible]


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  • Tim Martin says:
    4 years ago 9:01 am

    Dig the Mopar in the backround too. Same paint on it as the Charger in the movie ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry’!!!

  • Tim Martin says:
    4 years ago 8:54 am

    My favorite year chevelle was born the same year I was and the body style is the convertible. It is the 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS Convertible and I owned one for about a year before it was stolen back in 1989!

  • John Danko says:
    4 years ago 12:48 am

    love the early models of the chevelle.

  • C Wayne Sigler says:
    4 years ago 12:23 am

    Lovely Car

  • Joe Gillamonster says:
    4 years ago 8:52 pm

    nice car

  • Chris Harper says:
    4 years ago 8:34 pm

    Absolutely beautiful:)

  • Timothy Robert Smith says:
    4 years ago 8:03 pm

    I always thought this body style looked too much like a Rambler American.

  • Micheal Hudson says:
    4 years ago 7:26 pm

    damb mexican just had to lower it. probably has hydralics on it cracking up the frame too.

    • dumbmex says:
      10 months ago 6:59 pm

      U must one ignorant person to think a Mexican did this we would have put better rimson it. Im putting hydraulics on my 64 Malibu snd the frame wont crack or brake cuz we do things the right way not like u dumb cracker ass