1963 Ford Galaxie. PHOTO BY PAUL MAYS!


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  • Paul Mays says:
    4 years ago 6:38 pm

    this is a Photo I took, They really should accredit photo’s to the person that took the shot….

  • Jerry Schollenberger says:
    4 years ago 6:58 pm

    That’s interesting Tony, because my ’63 Galaxie 2-door H.T. 4O6 W/3-Spd on the column came from Haskell, Texas.- I still have the original Texas license plates that were on the car when I bought it back in 1980.- My car is also sort of weird, as it was not built with a drivers side door rear view mirror.- Apparently, having a rear view mirror was not required in Texas back in the early 60’s…

  • Charles Robinson says:
    4 years ago 6:47 pm

    I’ve never seen a Galaxy look so nice. My dad would have loved it. Thanks.

  • Buddy Sweeton says:
    4 years ago 2:22 am

    i remember it…

  • Tony Rabito says:
    4 years ago 12:06 am

    I used to be partners here in Texas with a guy that had a 4 door hardtop 406 with a 3 speed on the column. Thought there couldn’t of been to many of that combo sold

  • Larry Myers says:
    4 years ago 9:32 pm


  • Jerry Schollenberger says:
    4 years ago 9:10 pm

    I have a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 2-Door hardtop with the rare factory 406 4-Bbl. 385 H.P. equpped with the very rare 3-speed on the column w/ overdrive transmission option…The car is 100% original unrrestored, and in the 33 years that I’ve owned the car, I’ve never seen another ’63 Galaxie 406 car with this 3-speed overdrive option.- I have pictures of my Galaxie in my facebook photo album section for anyone that’s interested in seeing them..- By the way, my car is not for sale…

  • Mark William Logan says:
    4 years ago 6:44 pm

    Black, Henry Ford said ” you can have any color you want as long as its black.” I have a black 64 500 XL fast back, these look very nice black.

  • Steve Handschuh says:
    4 years ago 6:36 pm


  • Gary W. Flippin says:
    4 years ago 6:26 pm

    This one looks a lot better than the one I had. It was my 1st car ever. Four door and warned out tan paint that I could never get to shine. I guess that is all a 15 year old needs anyway…LOL.