Beautiful yellow 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline


  • This yellow one is not a fleetline but the others that you are showing side pictures of are. in this picture you should be able to see the lower roof chrome if it was a fleetline but since you can’t it’s only a coupe so it’s any onee of 3 models, a Style Master Master Deluxe. a Deluxe.

  • Want to know another truth about the 47/48 difference just by walking up to the back either end of the car and tapping something to find out is it original 47/48. all I need is a key to tap and can tell if it’s a true original 47. Let’s see who reads these, message me to find out if you don’t know and I’m betting there are alot of you that don’t know the difference from out side and not seeing any numbers.

  • It’s a Master Deluxe 1947, very well could be the business coupe, need to see if it has a back seat or not. If it just has a tarp accross the trunk opening it’s a business cp if it has a seat it’s a Master Deluxe Sedan.

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